How To Rip Off A Distributor Or Network Marketing Company

What you do not know,

can hurt you..


YOU, a hardworking Network Marketing Distributor, are contacted by a leader who is looking for a new home. His large team in an other country has sold millions for company XYZ,  he or she is telling you. Your Facebook and Instagram was really impressive, so that is how they found you.

YOU are flattered, WOW this is YOUR chance to team up with such a large team. Finally all your work is going to be pay off big and fast!

You are checking his facebook, YES this a a big leader, expensive cars, nice watches, even a golden Rolex the guy has.

His team and team leaders have YOU on their short list after months of research only 2 companies left to choose from. Most of the leaders tend to go for YOUR company, however a few others still do not know.

They are asking for samples for the group, please send them to us, worth $1,000. YOU do not want to loose such an awesome group of prospects, so you send them samples. After some time they contact you again, those samples are fantastic, everybody loves them!

They are pretty certain they can bring in $2-$3+ million per month in revenue, maybe even more. Your commission will go up with ten thousands per month!

They like to fly to you with 5 or 10 leaders to meet up with you and discuss the company you are representing and to sign up after the meeting under YOU! They want you to pay for the Business tickets as, of course, they only fly business class and want to be sure YOU are a good up line.

This is a lot of money you think, however a good friend will help you with this investment in your business, for this once in a life time deal. 6 leaders are coming over! The tickets are $15,000 and you send them the money.

The date of arrival is fixed, and you are exited to meet them. You go to the airport, dressed up, you hired a second luxury car, because the team will not fit in your small car and wait for the flight.

After waiting for 2 hour, nobody arrives. You are texting your golden prospect. What happened? He or she does not answer, not the same day, week or month. Or you get many reasons why they could not travel. (Lost passport, sick, broke his leg on the way to the airport, and so on) They will come later.

Then they suddenly disappear, your messages are not answered.

Your investment of $16,000 is gone. This has happened with hundreds if not thousands of hard working distributors as network marketing companies. They gained your trust, they flattered you, and they cheated you.

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