Network Marketing Professional Skylar Lambert Suspended By Bella Grace?

Skylar Lambert started her journey in the network marketing in 2012, at the age of 23. She and her husband Cory were young struggling parents. The social media influencer with 34,000 followers on her facebook joined in December 2022 MLM Company Bella Grace.

Bella Grace stated:

“Bella Grace Global is a Florida-based USA health and wellness company very different from all the rest. Brian Bilbro, co-founder and COO, wanted to go the social media influencer route for marketing his company.

Bella Grace’s influencer model was designed to attract professional influencers—individuals who are already being paid by other brands—but they offer training and tools for individuals who want to grow that social media following and become professional influencers.”

Skylar Lambert stated:

“In November 2023, my commissions were held in the midst of me fighting for my health in the hospital and also during my divorce because I published an e book I created with different content topics for creators. A free template for ig stories I had in my bio was shared into a chat with my upline and a member of my team by a girl I have known and worked with for years.

They wanted the girl to remove it and threatened to turn me in for cross recruiting since the sweet girl admitted she clicked the link in my bio and purchased my e book for $27.

I was also accused of disparagement, a claim I have yet to be provided with proof of… later was told it was over a secrets of success self development book club affiliate program I joined and posted about but signed no one up for due to my link not working. Which still didn’t violate any policy.”

Skylar further explains:

I have given them 4 months to do the right thing, and it has even been acknowledged that they had no grounds to hold my October commissions, they offered to pay me the funds due in exchange for my resignation. I sat on that decision the last two months but did not want to walk away from my income or my team.

The month after I became a top enroller AGAIN enrolling over 30 customers for their new product line and in a matter of weeks earned the second tier of an all expense paid trip to Mexico for 2. Airfare to be reimbursed. I paid my $150 deposit and booked my flights to Cancun and reached out to confirm receipt of my reservation twice.

I was notified last week that because I used my right to representation I was not allowed to attend the trip unless I dropped the negotiation for my money.. I wasn’t made aware of this until last week and the trip is this weekend.

This “confidential” compliance investigation was also leaked to the field and I was approached by my team asking about my income being taken, and told they were informed I was on probation for 6 months and on the verge of termination.”

Skylar continues:

I didn’t want to have to write like this, however since they are still refusing to pay me and now are adding in a request for me to sign a mutual release against these claims in order to recieve the earned income they unlawfully took, I feel it’s necessary to let the public know the fraud they have committed and are still continuing to commit.

I am reporting this company to the BBB, the FTC and media outlets for fraud, selective enforcement and discrimination.

Business For Home has reached out to Bella Grace, however did not receive an immediately response. Based on the current information available we have downgraded Bella Grace to the B rank. We will monitor this case closely.

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