Camilo Vargas Brings Earn.World To Colombia

Camilo Vargas, a seasoned veteran in the MLM (multi-level marketing) industry, is making waves with the launch of Earn.World in Colombia.

Camilo’s entry into the MLM space in 2016 marked a pivotal moment in his life, granting him the opportunity to pursue his dreams and explore different possibilities. 

My story in the industry is very exciting. I am completing 8 years in the MLM industry. March 16, 2016 was the day I said yes to my dreams, yes to the control of my life, and yes to a large number of possibilities.

I feel that day marked a before and after in my story, and here I am launching a great company that has impacted me and I’m sure will change the lives of many Latinos in the coming months,”

said Camilo.  

His passion for cryptocurrencies not only ignited his interest but also steered his path towards MLM. In the beginning, he only wanted to buy and understand these currencies. But interestingly, each training, each event, and each Zoom was impacting his life and was opening his mind until he finally understood that MLM was his path

“The biggest challenge, and I know that many networkers have gone through the same, is to fight with the social stigma, the mockery and bad comments, and the inexperience, but today I can only say that for those who believe everything is possible, and I proved it.

I am the result of discipline, belief, hard work, and perseverance, because MLM is not magic, but it is glorious,”

stated Camilo Vargas.

The convergence of his passion for digital currencies and the MLM model laid the foundation for his partnership with Earn.World. Camilo delved deep into the company’s ethos, vision, and corporate culture. Each interaction solidified his connection with Earn.World, leading to a pivotal meeting with the company’s CEO, Mr. Suki.

“Several weeks ago, I was introduced to Earn.World. From day one, from the first moment I connected with the company and the vision of the corporation.

I inquired and looked for even the smallest detail, and every time I solved a doubt or a question, I connected even more and more with this company.

Fortunately, I received an invitation to participate in the Earn.World anniversary celebration in Istanbul, Turkey, and have a meeting with the CEO of the company behind closed doors,”

said Camilo.

For Camilo, the meeting with Mr. Suki was a chance to convey the aspirations of Latin America and showcase the region’s untapped potential. Together with other leaders and the corporate team, they strategized to pave the way for Earn.World’s expansion into the Latin market.

“It is an honour to be a part of this great company, and the meeting with the CEO, Suki Chen, was a dream come true. I always believed that one day it would be my moment, and this is my moment; I am very excited,”

stated Camilo Vargas.

About Earn.World

Earn.World, the world’s most advanced and transparent trading infrastructure, is the first company in the crypto industry to ever store trading data on the blockchain. The company is providing a smarter way to automate crypto by enabling users to make profit from every market move with its fully automated trading infrastructure. In collaboration with leading experts in the AI trading market, Earn.World enables traders to earn up to 12% per month through sophisticated algorithms and tried-and-tested strategies. 

Spearheaded by Suki Chern, one of the most respected and reputable figures in the blockchain space, the company has secured over 50 key partnerships with over $400 billion in trading experience.

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