Charting New Paths: DeMarr Zimmerman’s Inspiring Journey With GOVVI

Ecommerce marketing is not just about having a good idea—it’s about having the courage and drive to bring that idea to life. DeMarr Zimmerman is a prime example of what it takes to reach the top.

His journey to becoming a leader at GOVVI showcases a mix of smart strategies, personal victories, and leadership that not only lifted him but also inspired countless others to chase their dreams.

DeMarr’s story is a roadmap to success, blending innovative business tactics, the power of teamwork, and the art of balancing work and personal life into a compelling narrative that encourages us all to aim higher.


Hailing from Farmington, Utah, DeMarr’s GOVVI drive was inspired by a deep-seated trust in the company’s leadership.

“I joined because I knew the caliber of the people behind the scenes—from the owners and investors to the IT team, everyone operates with the highest integrity,”

he asserts.

This deep-seated trust, along with his respect for GOVVI’s premier wellness products—which he credits for his remarkable 78-pound weight loss—solidifies his dedication to the company.

Business Approach and Team Dynamics

Before GOVVI, DeMarr carved out a substantial career spanning over 25 years in network marketing. His transition to GOVVI was fueled by the allure of working with a team and a product he deeply believed in. He emphasizes teaching thousands to generate sustainable income, a philosophy that has created great success for many. His team’s slogan, “There are two ways to do this business, fast and faster!” encapsulates his approach to network marketing—a blend of urgency and efficiency.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Beyond the boardrooms and strategies lies DeMarr’s love for fly fishing and spending time with his grandchildren. “I love to fly fish. It’s one of my passions in life,” he reveals, showcasing the importance of personal hobbies in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. His proudest achievements, however, lie in the realm of family—raising four amazing children and witnessing them build their families.

What Fuels His Drive?

Confronting challenges head-on has been a hallmark of DeMarr’s career. “Fear, confidence, self-esteem has confronted every leader in the face,” he admits, crediting his unyielding resolve and the motto, “I will not quit!” for his success. This determination has motivated his daily commitment to “being a product of the product” and connecting with people.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those looking to make their mark, DeMarr advises focusing on replicable success. “The big money is in the little money. So focus on helping a lot of people,” he suggests, emphasizing the power of replacement and the growth that comes from empowering others to succeed.

Looking Forward

With sights set on elevating GOVVI to a billion-dollar company, DeMarr’s motivation stems from seeing others excel. “Seeing people do better than myself. Seeing people grow and reach their potential is my motivation!” he enthuses, underscoring a selfless drive that seeks success for all involved.

DeMarr Zimmerman’s journey with GOVVI encapsulates a rich journey of experiences, strategies, and philosophies that not only chart the course for his personal and professional endeavors but also offers invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce.


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