MONAT Global Launches Revolutionary Payouts Experience With PayQuicker

PayQuicker, an innovative financial technology leader in the global payouts market, today announced its partnership with MONAT Global, a leading direct selling company known for its premium haircare, skincare, and wellness products.

MONAT will leverage PayQuicker’s unique offerings to streamline commission-based payments to their Market Partners across the globe with the newly launched payout solution. MONAT Market Partners will now receive earnings in real time, with a multitude of flexible spending options such as bank transfers, branded plastic and virtual cards, mobile wallets, ATM cash, and more.

MONAT chose PayQuicker as their trusted payout partner for its tenure in the direct selling space as the leading industry solution, its specialized experience with global retail and beauty brands, and the strength of its secure, instant platform.

“We are honored that MONAT chose to work with us. It is a testament to the unparalleled payments experience we provide globally,”

said Crystal Holtzendorff, Vice President of Global Sales at PayQuicker.

“We work closely with our clients at PayQuicker to ensure they have tailormade solutions to issue global payouts and are thrilled to welcome MONAT and assist them in creating a better payout process for their field.”

With a presence in ten global markets, MONAT was recently named the World’s #1 Direct Seller of Premium Haircare by Euromonitor.

“The ability to provide instant payments is critical in today’s world, and we’re excited to deliver this capability through our partnership with PayQuicker,” said Ryan Miles, MONAT Vice President of Commissions and Risk.

“As a top direct selling organization, we know the importance of a happy field, and we are excited to provide our distributors with a premier payout solution that allows us to instantly reward them for their hard work.”

Having sent billions of dollars in commission payments to distributors in more than 200 countries, PayQuicker has ranked as the #1 commission payout solution by Social Selling News and has been recognized as Direct Selling Association’s Partner of the Year in both the USA and Canada. Stemming from this success, PayQuicker is now leveraging its tailored payout solutions to support a wider range of diverse industries.

About PayQuicker

PayQuicker is an innovative global financial technology company that provides its corporate and consumer clients with a robust payouts and treasury platform. We have been revolutionizing payouts since 2007, leveraging our award-winning solutions to serve the diverse needs of over 300 clients across industries.

Having extensive experience empowering payouts in the gig economy, we were featured in Ultimate Gig book published by Emerald Publishing. Our cloud-based and regulatory-compliant software stack empowers businesses of any size to provide fast, flexible, and cost-effective payouts under their own branded experience. Our mission is to enable clients with the most advanced global payout technology that immediately drives business growth with every login, payout, purchase, or swipe. To learn more, visit:

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