Neora Announces Two New Silver National Marketing Directors in Korea

When Olivia Choi and Seung-Hee Back ventured into their new roles as Neora Brand Partners in Korea several years ago, neither one of them dared to dream that they would one day reach the elite rank of Silver National Marketing Director. But that is exactly what has happened for both hardworking direct sales leaders.

Having two more leaders achieve this top premiere rank of Silver National Marketing Director is a testament to the growth Neora is experiencing in Korea.

For Olivia Choi, joining Neora as a Brand Partner eight years ago opened the door to more freedom in her life. “I had worked in the fast-paced corporate world for 10 years,” she said. “I felt constantly tied to the office, and I wanted the opportunity to live more of the life that I chose and wanted.”

Seung-Hee said she felt similarly. She was a working mom, with her “entire life devoted to work, having no time for herself or family.” She took the leap as new Brand Partner with Neora six-and-a-half years ago with the desire to focus more on herself, her family, and what she wanted to do in her life—whether in that day, that month, or that year.

Once they had decided to become Brand Partners, they began working towards building a successful business. For Olivia, she ranked up to National Marketing Director faster than she had ever expected. Her personal strategy for this early success and continued growth involved a one-goal-at-a-time approach.

“Instead of going for it all at once, I broke it down step by step,” she said. “When it comes to training my team, I tell them it takes time to achieve, and to tackle each milestone in front of them one step at a time, over time.”

For Seung-Hee, she said that network marketing in Korea meant connecting with people. She started using social media as her main strategy to meet and connect with others and would then coordinate Neora parties to bring people together face-to-face.

They both got their Neora businesses off the ground quickly, but reaching their goals wasn’t always without its challenges. For Seung-Hee, the onset of Covid put an abrupt end to her in- person parties that had been growing her business to that point. “It was frustrating at the time,” she said.

“It was the most challenging period for me, but it forced me to come up with new ways to meet and recruit people. I was able to find new systems that worked and was able to rank up to National Marketing Director during that time.” Seung-Hee has now perfected her social selling skills to the point where she sells approximately $300,000 (400 million Korean Won) worth of Neora products personally in a given month.

Success for each of the new Silver NMDs has meant so much personally, and professionally. For Olivia, she says her growth as a Neora Brand Partner has given her the chance to find her true talent and skills, things she didn’t realize existed. “The things I have learned have even helped me in my family life,” she said.

“When my husband has had a really hard day at the office, I feel more equipped to support and motivate him. We help each other to achieve more.” She also wanted her kids to have the chance to grow more outside of school in Korea. “I feel my experiences are helping my son to develop a stronger personality and to dream so much bigger, she added.

For Seung-Hee, having her children look at her success and say, “Look what my Mom did!” has been one of the biggest rewards of her achievements. “Being a Brand Partner has given me the freedom to live a lifestyle I love, with the incentives and amazing trips I’ve earned,” she said.  “But my kids seeing my success has made me feel the most proud.”

When asked what achieving such an elite level of success has meant, each of the two new Silver NMDs responded very emotionally. Olivia said that when she first joined as a new Brand Partner, she doubted herself and never even imagined she would become a Silver NMD.

But an incentive trip in the desert of Dubai changed everything for her. “I was with my leaders Leslie Hocker and Ron Forrester, and they asked me if I thought I would ever reach the top rank, and what made me think I could do it,” she said. “We were in the desert, and I was looking at all of these buildings that had been built from nothing there. I thought, if they can build all of this in a desert, then I can put that mentality to work to achieve my goals and dreams.”

For Seung-Hee, reaching this monumental ranking has meant the world to her. “I never felt like I was the best at any one thing,” she said. “But this has given me so much more confidence and has shown me that if someone like me can achieve this, anyone can.” She says she feels like she can achieve more than she ever thought she could in the past, and it has given her the ability to dream bigger. “My beginning has been very humble,” she added. “Neora has given me so much prosperity, and I truly appreciate the support of this company. I can fly higher than I ever thought possible.”

Helen Kim, Neora General Manager, Korea, said that seeing these Brand Partners grow to this level means a lot to her as well. “Their success demonstrates the true beauty of the Neora business opportunity,” she said.  “They started their entrepreneurship career in Neora without any direct selling business experience and worked hard based on the principles of the Neora Rhythm. Neora Korea is full of possibilities. Seeing them reach the elite level of Silver National Marketing Director inspires many other Brand Partners here that they too can turn those possibilities into achievement with a ‘can do’ mindset and persistence.”

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