Aderly Dupont Achieves Black Diamond Rank At MaVie Global

MaVie Global, one of the companies with the biggest momentum in network marketing right now, has not only successfully partnered with rising companies in the Web3 space (Ultron, FlipMe, Lottoday, FinUp), but more impressively attracted top talent from the industry.

One of them is MaVie’s new Black Diamond, Aderly Dupont. A Top 150 industry earner that has managed to generate over $60,000,000 in lifetime sales and built a team of over 100,000 people across 3 continents and 15 countries.

The start of Aderly’s career:

With Canadian and Peruvian heritage, Aderly quickly learned Spanish, French, and English. Raised in Peru until 18, he then journeyed to Canada for better opportunities. But even at a young age, he knew he had something special inside of him:

“Something that has always characterized me since I was a child is having determination and a burning desire. I always knew what I wanted to achieve, so from a very young age I did business with everything I could.”

At 21, he launched his first business, and at the age of 25, he was introduced to network marketing.

“At 25 a friend introduced me to the network marketing industry on a napkin. A lot of people would not take someone who talks about a million-dollar business seriously, but I understood the powerful opportunity that was in that napkin. A business system capable of helping ordinary people achieve uncommon results. That was the beginning.”

Unlocking the growth:

After going through the learning process every entrepreneur has, Aderly clearly remembers the moment that unlocked his growth:

“At one point I realized that the difference between those who have results and those who don’t is having a good business system. I needed to go through a process & learn from wins and losses to come to this conclusion. After that, I understood how to grow exponentially.”

Aderly developed a strong vision and clearly saw that if he really wants to make an impact he needs to teach this system to all the people joining his team.

“My vision is to impact more than a million lives with a true business system, where people learn to be professionals. That’s why 6 years ago I created my business system called Unity, where my community receives all the experience I acquired over the last 9 years. It is purely based on powerful results that work. With this system, everyone can build their career from zero.”

Aside from his system, Aderly also learned 2 key lessons that today everyone in his organisation follows:

  1. “Whatever you do, do it to transcend” which means that you must be proud of what you do and you are obliged to give your best, being successful is non-negotiable. It’s completely up to you.
  2. “Phase 1” means that you always need to go back to basics and be on the field. There are no shortcuts, even if you are already successful. 

Introduction to MaVie Global:

First time that he was introduced to MaVie, Aderly simply liked the project as a client.

“One of the things that impressed me was the innovative products they offer through the very interesting business alliances they have, especially with the Ultron Foundation, this definitely interested me as a client.

After a few months of observing, I noticed that, in addition to offering highly valued products, MaVie’s business plan is one of the best I have seen in my entire career, especially because I always think about guiding the team towards the best. So I decided to become a part of MaVie.”

But what really made him stay with MaVie is the transparency in which the company operates and its innovative approach of always being in front of the other companies when it comes to technology. 

One of true examples of this cutting-edge technology is MaVie’s new partnership with FinUp, the AI Trading & Big Data Crypto Super App, that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to help people build wealth through Crypto. Aderly’s comment on FinUp is confident and clear:

“It is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and technology to provide the most powerful tool ever seen in the crypto space.”

Future with MaVie Global & Message to the network marketing community. According to Aderly, Mavie has all the strengths to be the largest company in the industry, since few offer such quality products. He adds:

“It is the perfect time to be part of this company that will undoubtedly make history, so Unity definitely has to be a part of this.” 

And to everyone thinking to start in within this industry, Aderly’s also has a powerful message: 

“Doing network marketing is not easy as many people think, nor difficult, but what is difficult for someone who wants to take on the world? Live your process and enjoy it, be aware that there will be obstacles, but everything is in your resilience in the face of adversity, do not forget to transcend and follow the steps to be a true professional in network marketing. You are definitely made to be part of the 5% that are successful in the industry.”

About MaVie Global

MaVie Global is a network marketing company bringing the opportunity to be a part of verified Web3 projects to global audiences. It is skyrocketing in popularity for its unique approach to revenue distribution. The firm registered a notable 2023 revenue of $110 million (combined in total $180 million) and stood out from the crowd by potentially allocating 50% of their 2023 earnings as commission – a striking figure when compared to the 35% industry average.

MaVie Global, under the leadership of CEO Michal Prazenica, has managed to attract 4 massive partnerships during the last 24 months. Impressively, the partnership with Ultron has already sealed a substantial 404 million USDT TVL for Ultron Foundation’s layer-1 blockchain. This nicely showcases the sustainability of the partnership between MaVie Global and its partners.

According to the CEO of MaVie Global, its vision is “To become the No.1 network marketing company in the world by dominating the fastest growing segment of the industry, the digital product space”.

MaVie Global enjoys an AA+ rating from Business for Home, classifying it as an awesome opportunity amongst 650+ global network marketing companies. Currently, the company ranks 14th in momentum globally.

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