MLM Icon Randy Gage Drops Bombshell Announcement in Italy

Distributors of Rain International were shocked and delighted by a surprise announcement from Randy Gage on the stage at their recent Ascend convention in Italy. 

Gage along with his longtime colleague Ann Feinstein, have been consulting with Rain over the past year, building out recruiting materials, training programs, and a duplicable system for the company. 

They brought the convention center crowd to its feet at the end of a training segment, with the surprise announcement that they are enrolling as distributors and will be personally recruiting leaders into Rain.  

Randy is a living legend in the profession, having helped launch the industry in many developing countries, and arguably training more million-dollar earners than anyone on Earth.  Over the course of his career Randy has been part of teams that have produced literally tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

He teaches from real-world experience, having personally built a team of more than 200,000 people across 50 countries.  Randy is the author of 15 bestsellers translated into more than 25 languages, including Direct Selling Success, DEFCON 1 Direct Selling, and his newest book, The ABCs of MLM.  

Gage has been in semi-retirement for several years, holding his distributorship in a company but not actively recruiting, in the hopes the company he was affiliated with could improve logistics and expand to more international markets.  It’s apparent he’s lost patience, jumped back into the field with Rain, and is bringing Ann Feinstein with him.  

Ann, along with her husband David, boast a remarkable 30-plus-year career in the profession. They have built multi-million-dollar teams in over 40 countries and have been honored with numerous accolades, including the Global Ambassador and Inspiration of the Year awards. Ann’s reputation and expertise in direct selling is widely respected.  She is best known for her comprehensive training programs on how to attract, recruit, and lead.   

Gage and Feinstein were brought in to build out a new marketing system to launch “Rain 2.0” into hypergrowth.  Their move back to the field reunites them with Rain President Jeff Higginson.  The three worked together for more than a decade at Agel Enterprises, creating a monumental run of success before the company was sold. Higginson states,

“Together we accomplished one of the greatest success stories in the industry.  Now we’re getting the band back together, and we’re going to make history.” 

In a statement released yesterday Gage stated,

“The story of seed-sourced nutrition behind the Rain product line truly was the breakthrough hidden in plain sight. Seeds are the basis of life itself, and when we colonize other worlds, the most important payload in the spacecraft will be seeds. 

The only element Rain needs now to become the next multi-billion-dollar unicorn is more field leaders and we plan to rectify that.  Of course, I’m incredibly honored that my first partner is Ann. 

Like the mythical 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae, we plan to assemble 300 new Black Rain Diamonds – the greatest team of prosperity warriors ever assembled in direct selling.  There are thousands of dreamers who are coachable and willing to work.

They just need a track to run on with the right support, and we’re committed to giving it to them.”  

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Rain International is the global leader in seed-based nutrition, offering unique products engineered from cold-pressed seed oils. Each seed contains more nutrients per part than anything on the planet, providing your body with the power to live youthfully and healthily.

Our mission is to advance global health through seed-nutrition, one person at a time. Discover the transformative benefits of Rain International’s seed-based products and find a Rain Partner at

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