MLM Industry Leader, Sophy Jacome From Ecuador Joins QuiAri

The new generation of hard-working, success-driven Network Marketing leaders has arrived.

Sophy Jacome from Ecuador is only 26 years old, but in her 6 years of Network Marketing experience, she has accomplished more than some Promoters twice her age. She has become one of the top MLM Industry Leaders all while raising 3 children with her husband Josue Tufiño. 

Sophy and Josue have been searching for a company with a large global reach that matches their ambition, energy, and desire to help others. They feel blessed to have found QuiAri.

 “There are many MLM companies out there, but very few that we would consider making our forever home.

I joined the Network Marketing industry when I was 19 years old for one reason only – I wanted to help hundreds of thousands of people on a higher level – spiritually, emotionally, personally, physically, and financially.

My husband and I never thought we would find a company so closely aligned with our values, principles, and vision until we discovered QuiAri,”

stated Sophy Jacome.

QuiAri certainly has the global footprint Sophy needs to take her business to the next level. QuiAri’s Executive Team led by Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, has expanded to over 100 countries and counting – all supported by global offices and distribution centers across 5 continents.

Just this week, Bob Reina announced the opening of a new Shipping Center in Hong Kong, which provides faster delivery and more opportunities for growth throughout Asia. Sophy said she is excited and grateful to be part of the QuiAri Family. 

“QuiAri’s dedication to their mission to help others has led to some of the most innovative advances in the history of Network Marketing – 5-Minute Pay, the introduction of Maqui (the #1 anti-aging superfruit) and MaquiX® to the global market, Free resources (Portal, self-replicating marketing website, and mobile app), QuiAri’s exclusive YouthX Blend (a combination of Resveratrol, S.O.D, and Pterostilbene for age-defying results), and a simple, duplicatable system that rewards collaboration over competition,”

said Sophy Jacome.

After discovering the nutritional benefits of Maqui, QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina collaborated with Dr. Juan Hancke, the #1 Maqui scientist in the world, who invented a way to isolate and extract a special youth molecule from Maqui. The result was MaquiX®, a proprietary, super-concentrated Maqui extract (MaquiX®) with up to 10 times the antioxidant power.

QuiAri has exclusive ownership so no other product will ever contain MaquiX®. Bob Reina could have stopped there, but instead he added essential vitamins and nutrients that boost the nutritional content even further. The result: 3 delicious products – QuiAri Shake, Energy, and Prime Gel. QuiAri soon made MLM history as the first company to launch products in over 100 countries worldwide starting on their first day in business.

Bob could not wait to get these life-changing products into the hands of as many people as possible, and as quickly as possible. QuiAri’s generous Compensation Plan with industry-first 5-Minute Pay was created as a vehicle to help people financially as well as nutritionally, and to speed up QuiAri’s global growth.

It currently is the fastest-paying Plan in the industry and experts are all saying that QuiAri is well-positioned to be the #1 company in Network Marketing. Sophy is just one of many Promoters who have joined QuiAri at exactly the right time. While QuiAri has already experienced explosive growth, there is much more to come. Just this week, QuiAri announced expansion coming soon to Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, and Ecuador – Sophy and Josue’s home country.

“My Team and I are excited about the opportunity to take another big step closer to living our dream lifestyle. Bob Reina created a way for people to break free from the 9 to 5 cycle and get paid their worth.

You can’t argue with 5-Minute Pay and it’s so easy to enjoy. QuiAri’s mobile app alerts you with a “cha-ching” sound effect every time a commission is earned. Your commission is paid directly to your very own QuiAri-branded Visa debit card which can be used all over the world.

QuiAri’s Compensation Plan offers 7 ways to earn commissions with nearly all of them paying out in 5 minutes or less, so if you work hard, you’ll hear A LOT of cha-chings!

All resources are completely free, including marketing and training videos, and do a great job of explaining how QuiAri’s simple, duplicatable system works. This is far above and beyond what other companies offer new Promoters,”

said Sophy Jacome.

The Leadership, the Products, the 5-Minute Pay…every QuiAri Promoter has a different opinion on what they love most about the company, but all of them unanimously agree that an extraordinary culture and support system has helped grow their business.

“You may initially join QuiAri because you like the products or are impressed by 5-Minute Pay, but the reason Promoters stay is because of its amazing culture. This is a company defined by its core values:  integrity, trust, ethics, positivity, collaboration, service, honesty, generosity, and respect.

Bob Reina is a former Police Officer and father of 3 who started his Direct Sales career as a Promoter because he wanted to help people and provide a better life for his family. In his 30+ years in Direct Sales, he learned the power of duplication and the importance of sharing that knowledge with his Team.

QuiAri is the only place I’ve seen with a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to achieve your dreams. The entire system is incredibly supportive, which is why many top leaders are joining and bringing their Teams over.

On top of breakthrough, proprietary anti-aging products and the only 5-Minute Pay Compensation Plan, QuiAri has an experienced Executive Team with 500+ years of combined experience, vast resources, friendly, helpful people, and stability. This is a company that will be around for decades to come,”

said Sophy Jacome.

As if having the fastest-paying Compensation Plan with 7 ways to earn wasn’t enough, QuiAri provides Promoters with extra incentives, such as a trip to Da Nang, Vietnam. Any Promoter around the world has the opportunity to qualify for a free hotel, free airfare for 2, and a free VIP dinner with Bob and Kristie Reina in beautiful Vietnam.

Qualifying isn’t complicated or impossible to achieve. Promoters need to be on AutoDelivery and reach the commission rank of Super Star or above for 2 consecutive months to qualify for the hotel, airfare for 2, and VIP dinner, however, Promoters can still qualify for the free hotel only by reaching the commission rank of Rock Star for only 1 month only while on AutoDelivery. The qualification period ends July 31st, so even new Promoters can join the fun.

“My Team is super excited about the incentive trip to Vietnam. We are looking forward to meeting other successful Teams from all over the world and learning directly from Bob Reina. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and extremely generous of QuiAri,”

stated Sophy Jacome.

Sophy has big dreams she would like to accomplish, and she is confident QuiAri is the company that will help make them come true. Sophy would like to be the first Promoter in Latin America to achieve QuiAri’s highest rank of Crown Purple Diamond.

“Reaching Crown Purple Diamond is an honor for any Promoter, but being the first in Latin America would mean a lot to me.

Reaching the top rank would mean I’ve helped tens of thousands of people live better, healthier, and more financially rewarding lives. As a parent of 3 children, I try to be a good role model. 

I’m teaching my kids through my success that anyone can make a difference in the world through hard work and helping others,” stated QuiAri Promoter, Sophy Jacome

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Welcome to QuiAri, the new worldwide phenomenon where people are turning back the hands of time with our breakthrough anti-aging products and experiencing life-changing results thanks to our industry-first 5-Minute Pay Opportunity. We have harnessed the power of the mighty Maqui Berry by extracting a special youth molecule, creating a proprietary youth restorative formula (MaquiX®) that has taken the $500 Billion Global Anti-Aging Market by storm. Led by Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, and his world-class Executive Team with a combined 500+ years of MLM experience, QuiAri Shake, Energy, and Prime Gel are available in over 100 countries and are considered to be the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging. From youthful skin to antioxidant support to joint, heart, and immune health and increased energy and weight management, our product is for anybody and everybody. Our Team helps people win through our #1 products and one-of-a-kind opportunity, which is the first and only to pay commissions in just 5 minutes worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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Please note the QuiAri business opportunity offers unlimited income potential. However, QuiAri makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with QuiAri results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your income will depend on how well you exercise these qualities.

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