THREE International Thrives As Innovative Startup In Wellness Supplement Market

THREE, iii International LLC , the global leader in bioavailable wellness products, has experienced standout growth over the past 15 months, quickly establishing itself as a leader in the wellness marketplace with its unique approach to innovative formulations and its dedication to utilizing scientific advancements to raise the global standard of wellness supplements.

Since the brand’s official launch in May of 2023, it has grown both at home and abroad, with a record-breaking number of new Brand Ambassadors attending launch events in Salt Lake City and Hong Kong.

The company emphasizes rigorous research and development to ensure the efficacy and safety of its products. This meticulous process has resulted in a range of premium wellness supplements that resonate with customers, from completely unique ingredients discovered and utilized by the company’s scientists to the cutting-edge Cellular Absorption Technologies that maximize nutrient bioavailability in THREE products.

Dive Deeper: The Unique Formulation Process

THREE International’s unique formulation process is built on three pillars: exploration, curation, and absorption (See video).

Through exploration, the company discovers previously unknown phytonutrients by researching and studying diverse plant sources globally. Curation involves meticulously selecting and combining these ingredients to create effective and synergistic formulations.

Finally, the company’s Cellular Absorption Technology ensures that these nutrients are delivered efficiently to the body, maximizing their bioavailability and efficacy. In the words of THREE’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Dan Gubler, bioavailability is important in nutritional supplements for several reasons.

“Bioavailability essentially ensures that the body can efficiently absorb and utilize nutrients. The reason we take supplements to begin with is to make up for the nutrients we may be missing in our diets. However, if the supplements we take have low bioavailability, our bodies won’t absorb enough of the essential nutrients it needs.” 

The scientific nature of THREE International’s supplements, spearheaded by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Dan Gubler and backed by a dedicated Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), ensures that every product is rooted in rigorous research and development. As a result, THREE’s supplements resonate with customers seeking scientifically-backed products that deliver tangible wellness benefits.

Thriving Amidst Challenges

Despite the challenges faced by startups in the competitive wellness supplement industry, THREE International has demonstrated remarkable results.

The company has gained tremendous popularity thanks to its founding belief in and dedication to creating a superior product and fostering a robust community of dedicated Brand Ambassadors and customers.

“The success we are seeing is a direct result of the dedication and commitment to our mission, and we are so fortunate to have such an incredibly talented group of leaders,”

said Daniel Picou, CEO of THREE International. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create better supplements is an endeavor that results in better lives, better health, and a better future—not just for our Brand Ambassadors and customers, but to raise the global standard of wellness.”

In fact, one of THREE’s greatest assets is its approach to the wellness community—the company takes a personalized, hands-on approach to customer service and support, which continues to foster trust and loyalty among its distributors and customers. The company recently hosted a record-breaking number of new Brand Ambassadors and customers at its launch events in both Salt Lake City and Hong Kong.

Exploring a Bright Future

THREE International- The company is set to continue its growth and expansion with the opening of an Indonesian office and training center in late June adding to their global headquarters in Salt Lake City and their Hong Kong office that was opened in March of 2023. The company invites Brand Ambassadors, and customers to join it on its journey to redefine the wellness supplement market with efficacious science and superior bioavailability.


THREE International strives to create proactive wellness products that encompass our goals of providing a means to physical, emotional, and financial wellness all around the globe. For more information about THREE, the Proactive Wellness Company, visit Follow THREE on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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