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MWR Life Recognizes Deyla Ouaguenouni From France As Top Regional Manager

MWR Life Recognizes Deyla Ouaguenouni From France As Top Regional Manager

Before becoming a top leader with MWR Life, Deyla Ouaguenouni owned and operated her own successful phone carrier company. Owning her own store opened her eyes to the great opportunities that came with being her own ...
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Steve Mitchell Becomes $100k Ring-Earner With MWR Life

Steve Mitchell Becomes $100k Ring-Earner With MWR Life

Steve Mitchell becomes  $100k ring-earner with MWR Life in less than 7 months. Steve Mitchell is a veteran of the direct sales and network marketing industry, with 28 years of experience. His career earnings now surpass ...
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews)
Igor Prydybailo 2020-02-21 22:21:38

Почему я выбрал именно MWR Life?

Благодаря трем критериям:

1. Какую услугу или продукт предлагает компания?
Какова востребованность на рынке, перспективы роста, цена в сравнении с другими компаниями?
10 баллов из 10! Туристический рынок ежегодно растет и в мире, и в Украине. Тем более цены на аналогичные услуги на 20%-80% меньше чем у конкурентов.

2. Как давно компания на рынке прямых продаж?
В нашей стране компания с 2019 года. Т.е. мы в самом начале, а вести бизнес с компанией, которая только зашла на рынок намного проще и выгодней, чем с компанией, пусть и с отличным продуктом (услугой), которая на слуху уже много лет.

3. Каков маркетинг-план?
Маркетинг супер! Несколько видов дохода. Есть ежедневный пассивный доход. Есть матчинг( чек от чека партнеров) бонус. Бонус за регистрацию. Есть кешбек. Клиентский бонус ( наши клиенты экономят, а мы получаем ту же сэкономленную ими сумму на свой кошелек). Есть "переливы" в структуре. Никаких обрезаний. Никаких соперников в команде.

Linda Gustafsson 2020-02-01 11:23:41

A really great company with amazing deals and a fantastic CEO who listen to the members, what do we want and need to do it better and easier. This is the best comp.plan I have ever seen. Been a member for a year now and are so happy to be a part of this journey both with the company but also with my self. To be a business partner with this company was the best decision I have made. They are humble and caring for everyone in the company and really wants us to be like a big family team.👍🦄

Svetlana Gorodecka 2020-02-01 07:19:08

MWR Life the best ever company! An amazing competition plan, very low prices for hotels and resorts, and absolutely fantastic CEO Yoni Ashurov. He is all for people with the zero ego as some other owners.
The every day I am thanks the universe that made me meet MWRLife! I Love this business because we don't need to convinced people to travel! Millions doing it all ready, all we do is help them to save money on travel! Easy concept. Join us, you will never regret.

MWR Life, самая прекрасная компания, которая есть сегодня. Великолепный компенсационный план, огромные скидки на отели и курорты и самое главное – это руководитель компании Йони Ашуров, который всегда для людей.
Mиллионы людей любят путешествовать, и все что мы делаем, это помогаем им значительно экономить на путешествиях!
Присоединяйтесь к нам и будьте успешны!

Marc Reiß 2020-01-15 10:38:52

I have seen a lot of MLM Companies in the travel niche. I am with MWRlife for almost one year now and I absolutelylove it! I habe traveled 6 times more than the year before all over Europe. Yoni Ashurov is leading with a clear vision, an amazing pay plan and a great team! He is walking his talk! MWRlife is already making a big difference in its members lifes. The Company keeps optimizing its membership so that we stay most attractive in the market.
If you love travel and you want the best prices,
do not only watch us grow, come join our community!

Vlad Noskov 2020-01-11 14:53:26

It's an amazing company, with a great leader! We've built a fully automated system for our partners who are growing their business to heights they never thought was possible! There's no better company to be part of than MWRLife and myself, my mother Svetlana Gorodecka and our whole team love it every single second! We love making wishes real for the thousands in our team already who can fully experience the world. My MWRLife Elite Group helps change everyone's life for the better. We're not a normal MLM, and we're not a normal team. We're one MWRLife family and every minute is a joy.

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