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Est. Revenue 2022$13.00
Est. per year$6.89 million
Est. per month$574,167
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Est. per hour$786.53
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 42 reviews)
Rica Mulwanto 2023-11-09 14:04:22

Rooting for steven k scott our founder of Neumi, a person with a great heart and integrity. He start his business since 1976, and he grows stronger until today. NEUMI the new you company, Excellent products of glutatione with the best technology in the world now with hydrastat Nano technology delivery. By just 30 seconds swishing inside your mouth, in 70 seconds it reach your cell. Isn’t it Totally awesome. Anti aging product, healthy inside beauty outside. With Neumi you will feel young , energetic, peacefull, healthy , strong, active, and vibrant.
Indonesia is coming soon, could not wait anymore!!!! Yes yes yes yes

Eny Yuanawati 2023-11-09 07:17:37

Neumi selalu dihati ,, dan saya percaya bisa menyelamatkan satu generasi mendatang dan
Semoga segera louncing di Indonesia .
Neumi merupakan terobosan terbaik dan nomor satu di Dunia . Neumi dengan pendiri Steven K Scott yang bekerja dengan hati , sangat peduli dan sangat memperhati kan anggotanya , dengan jaminan gratis unt meningkatkan pengetahuan, kesehatan dan ada penghematan s/d 70% unt UK pemesanan hotel , tiket pesawat .
Steve untuk menjalankan perusahaannya menggandeng seorang yang luar biasa yaitu Aaron Rennert sebagai presiden dan CEO perusahaan Neumi . Dia juga telah menghabiskan waktu 13 tahun bekerja dengan perusahaan pemasaran jaringan global yg besar , dia sangat berperan dalam perusahaan , tidak hanyaembuka tetapi juga mengoperasikan bisnis di 37 negara .

Aaron telah berpengalaman selama 30 tahun di penjualan, pemasaran dan kepemimpinan yg eksekutif ke Tim .
Tujuan Aaron adalah untuk memastikan bahwa Neumi menjadi perusahaan yang paling responsif dan didorong oleh pasar di dalam industri ini .
Neumi Healthy inside , beauty outside.

Vitje maria 2023-11-08 08:53:59

Steven K Scott changed all that. Neumi brought us back to the industry as they are a true beacon of light for all who might have lost hope like we did!

Neumi one for all beauty and
healthy simple use and not need time to get a good result …just buy with your phone mobil and become a neumi member you can get many facility official neumi's

If you a member you can use free for products in the way just sharing to 3 person each .
Power of 3 …direct

More than 70 country already join direct selling

I'm from Indonesia ..
Indonesia a large country with many population people ..Its a bigs market for neumi .

Don't hesitate any longer. Come join now at Neumi because it will provide benefits

new me is supported by Many experts around the world PHD Master of science is all in neumi

Come and join neumi.
More information please search

Dessy Ain 2023-11-08 08:49:40

I Love love love Neumi.. Perfection is the only way to discribe this company…..
best opportunity for me as newbies in this MLM. start with breaktrough product Nutriswish n neumi skin. The best thing I love this products is how convenient and easy to use….
provide good support and alots of education and amazing team work, they are so humble and caring and concerned each other specially for Indonesia team even its still pre launching and cooming very soon… compensation plan also fantastic it is easy to make a nice income while sitting and enjoy my coffee morning at home .. I Love everything about this company.. be blessed and respect!

Joseph Gaefke 2023-10-25 21:21:02

I have been in MLM companies since 1998, 14 in total. I have been disappointed so many times with the lack of corporate integrity, competence, leadership, etc. in most of them. I was not even looking anymore when I found Neumi. This is the most incredible company I have ever seen or joined. Our products have fundamentally changed my life, the tools and marketing are fantastic, and the compensation and culture are top of the line. We have what I call the “double trifecta.” The first MLM trifecta is an amazing corporate structure and team, super generous and fair compensation, and truly breakthrough products that are better and less expensive than anything out there in our space. The 2nd trifecta is an incredible System with training and tools, perfect timing in the economy and with our products and growth, and an incredible culture and community. Oh yeah, and the bonus, joining is free!! If you ever wanted to believe in what MLM could be again, check out this legacy company!

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