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Business For Home Newsletter March 2010 v2

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Top Opportunities 2010

We produced a top list where you can make money -fast-.

The top opportunities in Direct Selling for 2010!

We have 18 opportunities listed and 2 free spots, if you think we have overlooked your company, leave a reply on the website!

Check the list here

Top 20

New Top Earners (click here)

Medifast – Take Shape for Life: The 2009 earnings disclosure(s) you find here

Presidential Leader $53,503

Global Director $ 19,276

National Director $ 7,614

Greg Rex – Medifast $19,276

Daphne & Garrett – Medifast $7,614




* New or corrections,

Estimated earnings are per month

Company Revenue (click here)

Mannatech $70 million -8%

RBC Live Live Sciences $5 million – 28%

*Q4 2009 Revenue


Scam Alert (click here)

D.N.A. also known as Data Network Affiliates.

The Scam continues. Our advise: Stay Out. we have 135 comments on this scam….

See USA Nr. 1 Scammer Phil Piccolo story here



MLM Vips

We are compiling a list of the people behind the Direct Selling Industry. The trusted advisors, consultants, authors, experts. Those guys and girls who can make or break an opportunity or company or has high influence. Very Important People sometimes they are behind the curtain.

Check it out here

Start-up Companies

Here you find 50 start ups in Direct Selling.  As usual: we do not recommend or endorse any, we just show the facts and figures.



European Direct Selling Congress

12 of the Greatest Direct Selling Trainers in One Event  Amsterdam – The Netherlands, 4 September 2010.

Pre-registration is open! Watch the new movie…


An unique event for:

Sales Professionals, CXO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Prospects…

Keynote speakers from all major Direct Selling organizations.

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