Business For Home Newsletter – August 2010


Business For Home Newsletter – August 2010


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Momentum ranks 

Momentum is the Magic of MLM. You need a lot of Momentum in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose….

Revolucion is entering the momentum top 5:

2 Nu Skin
3 Organo Gold
4 Xowii 
5 Revolucion

Movers and Shakers List

Top Earners, Field leaders, Corporate Leaders or Celebrities who left a Direct Selling Company and join an other opportunity

Movers and shakers list

Name Company New Company
Dave Lovett CCC Numis Nw.
David Greene DrinkAct Xowii
Jeff Hooks Monavie Vemma
Jose Beltran Monavie Xowii
Peter Powderham Gem Lifestyle World Ventures
Tina Hall ACN Xowii

 New or updated Top Earners


Name Company $ Month
Chavich Kim  Unicity  $450,000
Dwayne Dyer  Xango  $250,000
Estela Salinas  Xango  $250,000
David Moses  Zrii  $90,000
Kerry Daigle  NSA  $50,000
Eugene Piccinotti  ACN  $48,000
Chris Estes  Zija
Mike Simms  Zija $40,000
Fred Holmes  Zija $30,000
David Martin  Unicity  $30,000
Karlsson, Anders  Vemma  $25,000
Angelika Maier  Vemma  $25,000
Dennis Hodgson  ACN  $22,000
George Nixon  ACN  $20,000
Linda Proctor  Vemma  $20,000
Ann McCoy   ACN  $17,000
Fernando Esponda  Nu Skin  $16,000
Ronnie Felts  Vemma  $15,000
Dennis Ligon  Vemma  $14,000
Norsalehin Ismail  Vemma  $13,000
Maria Pfeifer  Vemma  $12,000
Yvonne Reichmuth  Vemma  $11,000
Robert Alsinga  GWT  $10,400
Michael Binder  Vemma  $10,000
Peter Maria Kriwetz  Vemma  $9,000
Harold  Tadlock  Vemma  $8,000
Karl Michael Pilsl  Vemma  $7,000
Kelli McCamy  Vemma  $6,000
Chris Li  GWT  $5,200
Beatrice Wong  GWT  $5,000



NU Skin Active & Executive Distributors

Approx. 49,000 new active distributors and 4,000 new executives this year.


Is Amway a great opportunity for a starter?

Is the money floating then into the bank accounts of the people who build Amway in the early years, or is Amway a strong opportunity for a newbie?

What is your opinion?

Updated: MLM Hall of Fame

Lot of changes, check it out!

MLM 500 Hall of Fame

Top Earner Geoff Liberman on European Direct Selling Congress !

Over the past 13 years with Euphony, he has directly introduced over 90  friends and associates to the company, which has grow to date to several thousand active consultants in his team. 


  Mannatech Revenue down 25% in Q2 2010 to $57 million 

Driving the downward trend was a decline of 32 percent in North American sales for 2Q10 compared to the comparable period in 2009

Top Earner Ken Seto on European Direct Selling Congress !

Ken Seto will be one of the Keynote speakers on the congress.


Ken is involved as a professional in the Network Marketing industry for the past 16 years.



Together with my wife I have put part-time 80 people in the Netherlands on a Direct Selling autoship, based on the facts and figures in this Book… Download it for $4.95 only

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Top Opportunities 2010

What are the best companies to work with? Where can you make money -fast- in 2010?

Business For Home made a short list, based on the Top Earner rankings, Leadership, Momentum, Growth, Revenue, Conventions and interviews with MLM VIP's.

Top 20

Ted Nuyten

Best regards from the Netherlands!

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder



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Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

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