Business For Home Newsletter November v3

Business For Home Newsletter – November 2010 v3


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 Update Momentum ranks!

Momentum is the Magic of MLM. You need a lot of Momentum in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose. The Holy Grail of Direct Selling….

Rank Company Origin
1 Organo Gold USA
2 Nu Skin USA
4 Global Wealth Trade Canada
5 Vemma USA
6 Evolv  Health USA
7 Unicity USA
8 Xowii  USA
9 PM International Germany
10 Rain Nutrition USA

Income Disclosure Statements:

A collection of official company income disclosures f.i. Melaleuca, Monavie, TSFL, USANA, Nu Skin, Xocai, Ignite, Send Out Cards, Herbalife, Advocare, YTB.

New Listed Top Earners

Jörg Wittke DUBLI $20,000
Valentin Savchenko DUBLI $23,000
Declan Barnett  DUBLI $24,000
Steve and Jill Brady DUBLI $25,000
Peter Powderham Worldv. $30,000
Eric Allen Worldv. $5,500


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Update Top Earner Ranks!

We have updated the estimated earnings for 6,000 top earners.  Check it out here:

Some observations and remarks:

Monavie: We reduced the estimated distributor earnings with 25% – 30% as the last income disclosure is from July 4, 2008 to June 26, 2009.

There was a time Monavie was very fast with earnings disclosure statements, we believe as their revenue is likely to decline this could be a reason not to disclose earnings in time….

Check our previous post on Monavie

Monavie is in the Top 20 opportunities ranking and with $550+ million revenue an impressive company.

NuSkin, due to continues grow, the earnings could be to low for distributors, we would welcome more information from distributors…..

Biggest jump forward:
Reza Mesgarlou – Global Wealth Trade –

From nr. 326 to nr. 239 with $71,000 per month.

Reza Mesgarlou


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Top Opportunities 2010

What are the best companies to work with? Where can you make money -fast- in 2010 & 2011?

Business For Home made a short list, based on Top Earner rankings, Leadership, Momentum, Growth, Revenue, Conventions and interviews with MLM VIP's.

Top 20

Ted Nuyten

Best regards from the Netherlands!

Dutch Windmill and Flowers

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder

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