Organo Gold Out of Stock Solved

Holton Buggs: As a result of such tremendous growth and as many of you are aware we have experienced some delays in the processing of your orders over the past few weeks. Rest assure that this situation has been addressed. Starting Monday, June 20th we will begin shipping out any out standing orders and backorders and anticipate being back to normal by mid week.

It is also important for you to know that Organo Gold is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that there is no further interruption to the flow of orders to our distributors. Organo Gold’s number one priority is our distributors and we are committed to continually striving to provide the best possible service to you.

We sincerely apologize for any for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your organization.

Thank You,

Sincerely Yours, Holton Buggs Vice President of Sales – Organo Gold International

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  1. All company’s go thru growing pains, Organo Gold is no different we will get thru this like family some will fuss, others will shrug and say no problem we will get thru this and be better company

  2. Why is H Buggs the only one making over $1.5 million (at around $4 million) and #2-5 are where?

    Is he an employee or a rep of the company like the rest of us?

    Other companies seem to have 2-14 reps making over a million when one is making what Buggs
    Is making?

    I guess there is no room at the top of the Buggs empire for me?

  3. In the “hall of fame” top 100 on this blog of the top 15 earners Organo Gold is the only company with less than 3 people in the top 100, they have Holton as their sole representative/employee with a lofty personal income.

    Is there an opportunity for anyone else?

    Will Holton share the wealth and reduce his salary?

    How is this the best opportunity based on the information in the “hall of fame” with younger companies with multiple reps on the list?

  4. WOW!!! OG Sells Out Everything!!! You know you’re in the right company when distributors (and even those who quit) are ordering product because of the demand in the marketplace and not just to qualify for a check…Major HINT!

  5. The great news for OG and Holton is that certain groups don’t read and they evaluate companies the way Seneca evaluated this “stocking issue”

    I wonder why so many people from YTB have migrated to this business where the person to gain the most is an employee.

  6. Someone should get close to him because when he realizes people start asking questions he will start directing his income to an actual direct seller or networker

  7. Is it really neccessary to bash another company who’s doing well? Don’t hate on them. OG doesn’t speak poorly about other companies beause it’s distasteful. They just keep winning! Organo Gold is less than 3 years old and they just gave recognition to 4 people who earned 1 Million Dollars in the last 12 months. The event took place in Grapevine, Tx at the end of May. They also recognized several OG Reps who earned $100,000 and $250,000 in the last 12 mos.

  8. Read ?Organo Gold Out of Stock Solved? June 19, 2011 by Admin! Notice the comments on June 29, 2011, that precede this article by 17 days on this very issue of individuals in the top 100 at Organo Gold aka Original Gangster.
    Taken from “Organo Gold Exponential Growth”

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