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Talkfusion In Exponential Growth

As confirmed by reliable sources Talk Fusion is in Exponential Growth state signing up approx. 22,000 paid distributors per month, or $5.5 million revenue per month as the entry fee is $250 with a $35 month subscription.

The Video Email Direct Seller has developed  seven products: Video Email, Video Blog, Video Share, Video Auto Responder, E-Subscription Form, Video Conferencing and Fusion Wall a 3-D social and business networking site. Talk fusion is an alternative for more expensive Webinar and Video Conference software (f.i. Cisco's Gotomeeting software) and autoresponders.

It parachutes Minh and Julie Ho, the Talk Fusion nr.1 Top Earners, into the Business For Home Hall of Fame with an estimated $200,000 a month or $2.4 million, around the Nr. 40 Hall of Fame position worldwide. (6,000 Top Earners are listed).

The most recent Alexa Ratings of Talk Fusion confirms the exponential growth, the website attracts more visitors then any other Direct Selling website in the world such as Amway, Avon or Coca

Talk Fusion Alexa Ratings 19 June 2011

Talk Fusion Top Producers

From left to right: Minh Ho, Julie Ho, Steve Mitchell,  Joe Syverson, Mike Kiefer, Tim Kugler.

Talk Fusion Top Producers 1

From left to right:: Mark Genovese, Robert Conley, Zoltan Acs, Mark and Vondalyn Robinson, Rob & Stephney Roder

Talk Fusion Top Producers 3

Corporate leadership

From left to right: Bob Reina – Founder and CEO, Jeanne Dickson – Vice President of Global Business Operations, Susie Reina – Vice President of Business Operations, Jonathan Chen –  Director of Information Technology, John Neubauer – President, Allison Roberts – VP of Training & Development

Talkfusion Corporate Team

Get more information, fact and figures about Talk Fusion, click here for the Talk Fusion overview.

Comments (52)

  1. One of the many remarkable benefits of becoming part of the Talk Fusion family has been the opportunity to collaborate with and get mentored by some remarkable and talented leaders in other companies that I would not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise.

  2. Somewhat high first front end pay day, but with only $35 orders every month it would take forever and also a ton of people in order to make the real MLM $$$ people are looking for. I am not talking bad on the products, just the opportunity that doesn’t seem impressive.

  3. Jimmy this is the hottest business opportunity I have been involved in in the last 25 years. You are not seeing the big picture you need to run the numbers. I have down line members that have never been involved in network marketing that are earning more with talk fusion then the job that had for 12 years after only 4 months. It is as simple as simple gets, show the products through one of 4 live seminars a day, 3 way with your sponsor and listen to a few corporate calls each week. Then sign then up. 1 to 1 residual not 3 to 6 or 3 to 4 or 2 to 6 or other matrix in other companies designed to create breakage. But if you think the pay is bad here; there is a company that say they own their one servers and video serving systems but they really don’t own it but are a white label smoke and mirrors outfit . They have a free program you can join. You can sign up people for free all day long and each month when they pay their free bill you, will make free income! lol Friend I have been with Talk Fusion for about 9 months now, and have a six figure income so if 9 months is forever then I can not wait for the next forever! Jimmy find a good sponsor and test it out for yourself. Experience forever with talk fusion or work a lifetime with another company making them rich… You will see forever comes real fast in one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and we have just begun to have fun moving this company into the momentum stage!
    With all due respect
    Mark Genovese
    Double Diamond & Proud member of the talk fusion family…

    PS’ You snooze and you lose

  4. Jimmy, think about this. Take a company with a higher autoshipment (say $100) and company with a lower subscription like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has a retention rate of 70%+ and take the retention rate of the company with a higher autoshipment of $100 (10-30%) and how many people is it really going to take to develop a long term income just from autoshipments/subscriptions? It will take just as many, if not more, with the lower retention rate company to maintain the same income in the long run. What would you rather have: More of the people that started with you in the beginning sticking around or constantly having to replace with new associtates?

    Hey, Excel Communications didn’t seem that impressive about 20 years ago to me and that company ended up making a bunch of millionaires. I saw it when they were about a year old. I missed that one big time but I am not missing this one.

  5. Oh, and I forgot, you don’t have to worry about running out of product like the previous post that Ted made on Organo Gold.

  6. I really wish there were more training on utilization of the products. More in depth video tutorials showing how to set up each product and get the best experience from the products. There should be a monthly of $19.95 available like there was. I am dyslexic and can only learn technical things through visualization, so I am really in the dark. I can only send basic video e-mails.

  7. David,
    There is a $20 option right now. There is also extensive training twice a week. Give me a call and I would be glad to point you in the right direction. 913.636.6135.

  8. Jimmy, as you know most MLM is not get rich quick, but one can get rich. In any Direct selling Co. To make $$ you must have a large organization that comes by duplication. T.F. is so duplicatable, easy to use & fun to share for personal or business use.

    Share T.F. all day with businesses and they will grow their business. Video for business is booms business. No one can die or get sick from using our products.

    All the best to everyone.

  9. This is the BEST of the BEST !! It does not get any better than this!! I love Talk Fusion products, but the Opportunity is what I share!! The products will sell themselves!! After it leaves your head, and gets in your heart, You will be in LOVE!! Going for the Blue Diamond status!!

  10. Here’s what convinced me that Talk Fusion was different. I called the support line and a REAL person answered the phone in 2 rings! Are you kidding me???? With most companies 1/4 the size of Talk Fusion you have to push #1 to speak English, numero dos por Espaniol, #3 for … well you know what I mean. And YES, they are fluent in many languages! Talk Fusion ANSWERS the phone and a courteous, kind, knowledgeable, FRIENDLY person gives you the answer you needed, not once… but EVERY time you call. Amazing. I can’t wait to share this incredible system with everyone I know!”

  11. I was the original Global Master Distributor back in 2007 and went through the 6 month pre-launch. In total I was with the company for 18 months.

    I am not surprised at all that TF is now in exponential growth. The company is built on rock. Bob Reina has been in the industry a long, long time as a distributor and has seen first-hand what makes or breaks a great company. He is 100% committed to building a GREAT company. He is an absolute stickler for perfection – near perfection will not do. He has been like that since pre-pre-pre-launch and he has not changed his modus operandi one iota since then. He will not launch any single product or service until it is right. He treats international distributors with respect with professionally translated sites and, very importantly, he is constantly and consistently launching new products and services to keep the field excited.

    With my track record, I get approached literally daily to look at different MLMs and now I gauge them against TF in terms of stability, opportunity, compensation plan, integrity/credibility and product. Nothing I have seen in the past 3 years has matched TF.

    What should excite those of you who are active in TF is that you “ain’t seen nothing yet”. The business is totally scalable, totally global and, whilst I have seen other great MLMs plateau and/or struggle to control growth, I can see nothing but continued massive growth for this company. Good Luck to you all.

  12. Hello to all Thanks to all at the company four four your help and professionalism and integrity .all this is comes from the top Bob Rainer
    thanks four your ethical leadership and vision this is the most Professional Company I have come across I am most impress and will endeavor to build on and be part of in the future Personally I have not had as much success as I wold like maybe everybody dos not see what I see but I am 100% believing and positive it is the future .
    Thanks Julie four your Emails
    Kind Regards Johanna

  13. I am Not that Experienced in the M.L.M. ,But what i can tell you is Iv’e been to the Headquarters in Brandon. And the feel i got was a warm and friendly Environment. There i witnessed the Companies Customer Service, Graphics,and IT dept and was very impressed to say the least.I am proud to be a part of this company and how they are Growing.

    Thanks and Best Regards’
    Thomas Sallai

  14. Talkfusion is the best chance I get. Instand payment on global world card, a running up product with best future, and a change in my work are my keyfacts. Bam!

  15. Its nitant from india.I joined talkfusion in september 2010..and i am so impressed with their products that i am speechless…really and we dont pay monthly charges here in india..only yearly subscription of $25.I am not experienced in MLM but hope will make it big with talkfusion.
    I am proud to be associated with this global brand.
    Thanx and regards,
    nitant z.

  16. How awesome is this to be a part of. Getting paid instantly WOW I’m actually speechless for once in my life :-))

  17. I have joined several networking companies with minimum growth, and minimum cash rewards,, and vowed never to join another one. But the moment I lookd at Talk Fusion I knew I had to join … I am very pleased with everything so far, my team grew fairly quickly.
    But I plan never to quit… I love the Webinars and conference calls. Hang in there everyone and never quit — Thank you Bob Reina for all your hard work on behalf of all of us.

  18. @nitant ; hi i m also frm india(delhi) i want to know more about talkfusion n where in india i can register myself? do they have office in delhi thnx in advance

  19. One word: FUCKING PERFECT!!!! I freakin’ love this company. Already earned 680 dolars in just 3 weeks and my team is growing like crazy. People, you need to check this out.

  20. Sandy most who join seem to come to the same conclusion “This is the perfect business” but I would like to point out this is a public family friendly website and the words we choose should more tactfully selected. Also I would like to point out one more little thing THAT IS TWO WORDS!
    Sunny you can register for talk fusion yourself, you can write [email protected] and they can help you find a good sponsor that will work with you there in India. I know you will love this company it is truly what other companies only claim to be!

    Look at the top producers on this site. Minh Ho my friend and Talk Fusion mentor is ranked #43 the 42 people making more then Minh have been working their business for 10 -15- 20 years to gain their income. Minh Ho when I met him last July was a 2 star earning less then 500 a week. Since then he put his head down and focused on building his Talk Fusion Business and I assure you by this time next year he will reach the #1 earners spot in all of direct sales….AND I predict that the Top 50 income earners in the world will be Talk Fusion Reps! Jump on board with this company and you to might be in the top 50 next year!
    Best Regards,
    Mark Genovese
    Grateful Talk Fusion Representative

  21. Our leader has created a Perfect Storm! The timing is perfect, the product is outstanding and the pay system is like none other in the world. I would challenge anyone to find another company that pays within minutes of the sale, there just isn’t any Non, Nada, Zilch!

    When you have the leadership team, the corporate team and the world wide produce it is a Perfect Storm..

  22. Yes, Talk Fusion is the real deal and here to stay for a long, long time…
    I got started in May 2010 when the company lowered their package
    and monthly pricing. At first I just casually shared about the company
    and sent video emails to build relationships with my family and social
    media friends.

    Within 6 months I had matched my 15 year full time teaching salary
    and 13 months later have over 3,522 on my team… It’s not because
    I’m anything special. It’s because we have a simple system to get
    people a fast start for easy duplication. There are 4 live demos/
    broadcasts each day… so to go to 8 each day to invite guests to.

    The company’s now in over 105+ countries and growing, and I’ve
    never seen anything so simple in my 22 years of MLM! Don’t miss
    out on the timing with this one! Besides, you don’t have to go into
    debt and have a huge autoship to launch a global business and
    to build a financial legacy for yourself.

    To you success,
    Kary Rogney

  23. This is a company that is always ahead of the curve. The Support team is incredible. My team is growing and made more money in this business then any other Network marketing company I have been involved in.
    Simple business with a a great UPSIDE. Video is the future of communications and building better business and person relationships.
    Do not miss out on this opportunity.

  24. Talk Fusion’s products and service are exceptional. It is the ideal company if having genuine support is important to you while building a prosperous business. For those who are serious about the business opportunity, you are at the right place at the right time. This company is experiencing unbelievable globally growth because of its cutting-edge products and compensation plan with “Instant Pay” income. The business opportunity is the solution to the rampant unemployment all around the world…build as big as you want to go! Congratulations to Talk Fusion for their superior products and outstanding support. Talk Fusion is truly “Changing the Way the World Communicates”.

  25. I started in my first network marketing business 42 years ago and I have NEVER seen a company, product and comp plan to compare to Talk Fusion. You can help ANYONE market ANY business and for the first time, my team can start making money right out of the gate. Talk Fusion’s “Instant Pay” NEVER sleeps, so if you want to get a good night’s sleep, turn off your phone. 🙂

  26. Hi All- SMILE- Get Excited & Stay Excited?!

    I initially joined just to use the product/service to market my business services, trainings, meetings, and communicate with family, friends & customers without having to type long boring text emails. And I have to say it’s pretty cool to make a passive income. When you really use these products, people will see it and ask how you got it– at least that is what happened for me. And the company is the only network marketing company to pay you INSTANTLY (within 3 minutes of your customer/ business partner purchasing the product). That’s amazing! The customer service is AWESOME. I sent an email at 3 am about an issue, by 8am I received a PHONE CALL with assistance. When I called customer service a LIVE person picked up by the second ring, I didn’t have to be routed through all these different reps & techs. I had looked into many other companies to get at least video emailing, MVT (My Video Talk), ComF5 and some others. And in my opinion and experience, TF is the best option. Affordable, low monthly fee, professional & high quality video email templates (unlike the “competitors”), impeccable customer service. I love this!! As I stated I got this just for the product, not the business. I provide free trainings for those needing assistance with marketing and technical things… I had went to GoToWebinar and it was like $500 to have 1000 people in the webinar. With Talk Fusion’s video conferencing or live broadcasting I could have UNLIMITED participants AND its included in that $35/mo fee along which is for ALL 8 of the products— you can’t beat that— THAT IS PURE VALUE!! So needless to say, I LOVE TALK FUSION and I LOVE MY TALK FUSION FAMILY!! My coach, mentor and friend Joe Syverson ROCKS!! And so does Leslie Brown and all these wonderful leaders & fellow TF family members!! I’m so happy to see this article and I know that things are only going to move forward!!

    Thank you Bob Reina for this wonderful product & opportunity!

    Blessings, Love & Light…
    Kantrese “Tresie” Smith
    Inspire. Encourage. Empower.

  27. I am honored to be apart of such visionary and exciting opportunity. I saw the opportunity when Kary Rogney first shared it with me a year ago. I am so grateful I said yes. Everything is in place for explosive growth around the globe. I always wanted to have a business I could work from my lap top and have my world be my oyster. Our the products stellar, the management understands network marketing inside and out.Our Fabulous compensation plan structure and “Instant Pay” We are just scraping the tip of the iceberg of opportunity that Talk Fusion offers. Not the least our new Mercedes program.

    If you are looking for a solid home, incredible field and company support, perfect timing and a global enterprise look no further.


  28. All I can say is TalkFusion; I see it, want it, and do it! Love all the products, especially the conference room! Love all the support that comes with this product opportunity!!!

  29. The support you get with this company is unprecidented. It’s only a phone call, skype call or email away. I love the fact you don’t have to stockpile product! It’s a company that really CARES about it’s members.

  30. Talk Fusion est la companie avec laquelle toute personne souhaiterais faire partenariat. L’opportunite est inedite, ici nous avons une occasion unique de participer a un transfer de technologies, car qui dit transfer de technologies, dit gros transfers de masses monetaires.
    L’opportunite est globale, les produits sont de classe mondiale, la remuneration est instantannee et de plus, il y a ici un systeme en place qui permet a toute personne ordinaire d’avoir des resultats extraordinaires. Entre autres, le support des leadeurs est exceptionnel. De toutes les companies dans la vente en reseaux, Talk Fusion est la seule entreprise qui donne la possibilite aux associes de recevoir une voiture (Mercedes Benz) sans toute fois etre au sommet de la hierachie.
    Si vous cherchez une companie pour le restant de votre vie, n’hesitez pas de preter vivement attention a Talk Fusion. Le moment est parfait pour prendre avantage de cette mega tendance.

    Merci Seigneur pour avoir inspire Bob Reina et, merci a Bob Reina d’avoir cree cette opportunite.


  32. IT?S POSSIBLE! a person can go from the Poorhouse to the Penthouse. Talk Fusion has totally changed our lives completely. Looking back 14 months ago, we had only 2 pennies left in our pocket and a sheriff gave us 72 hour notice to either move or pay our past due rent. Due to the recession we lost everything?.our Mortgage Business, a 5 figure monthly income and cars. Talk Fusion Powerful Instant Pay was a miracle for us because we were able to pay outstanding past due bills to current and put money into Savings and Retirement accounts, which we haven?t had in 10 years. We were able to clear up all of our financial debts and get back on track and also pay cash for a BMW X5 SUV and ready to purchase a nice home for cash plus a brand new Mercedes Benz paid by the company. We?re still in ?awe? of how quickly we were able to turn our hopeless situation around and it was all due to hard work and following the simple duplicatable system in place. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has? INSPIRED? us to turn the IMPOSSIBLE into POSSIBLE! We want to Thank Bob Reina for the Talk Fusion Opportunity, his VISION and his AMAZING foresight. He has allowed ordinary people like us to earn extraordinary income and a 7 figure-lifestyle in less than a year . In closing we?d like to say: We feel we?ve made a difference in other people?s lives in 118 countries by simply sharing the Talk Fusion Opportunity. It has given us the chance of a lifetime to be able to ?Pay It Forward?. CHEERS!


    Minh and Julie Ho- Grand BLUE Diamond
    ? It Doesn?t Matter What Works, It Matters What Duplicates?

  33. Thank you at Bob Reina and entire talc fusion the team!!! I am to be allowed to be very enthusiastically and very proud with talc fusion!!! It is completely something special and singular!!! Talc fusion is the best Business it in the whole world gives!!!

  34. Thank You Talk Fusion Founder & CEO, Bob Reina And Our Teamily Leaders. Talk Fusion Opportunity For A Home-Based Business Offers The World?s First & Only Instant Pay Compensation Plan! Make A Sale Today And Get Paid Instantly 3 Minutes After! 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year! On Our Global Cash Card Gotta Love-It!
    Anthony Granado

  35. TalkFusion is a fenomenal. Thank you Bob Reina, thanks Minh&Julie, thanks Rob, thanks to the team. God bless !!!
    Sunt din Romania si va pot spune ca aceasta afacere va poate schimba si viata dvoastra. Veti avea nevoie de munca, dar cu ajutorul acestei oferte fantastice si al acestei echipe si dumneavoastra veti putea atinge libertate financiara.
    Eu va pot promite ca echipa din Romania si din America vor fi alaturi de dvoastra, va vor ajuta, va vor sprijini. In rest va depiunde doar de dvoastra. Va pot spune ca la TalkFusion veti fi in cel mai bun loc.
    Va doresc succes!!!

    1. Talk fusion is the best company in world!
      Aceasta companie este cea mai buna oportunitate, Talk Fusion a schimbat multe vieti, schimba, si va schimba milioane de vieti. Sunt foarte bucuros sa fac parte din aceasta echipa. Aceasta companie va poate schimba viata si totodata sa va aduca bucuria implinirii viselor in suflet! Alegeti Talk fusion chiar acum nu stati pe ganduri! MOMENTUL este …….ACUM! Succes!!!!!!!

  36. Selecting the right network marketing company, is like a marriage. Some people find true love with their first partner. Others need a few to ‘practise’ before taking a leap forward 😉 I fall into the second category. I’ve been in & out quite a few network marketing companies before finding ‘the one’ that fits our team needs. I fell in love with TalkFusion early 2011, but we still had an ‘open relationship’ so to speak. After reading the interviews of Steve Mitchell and Bob Reina on this fantastic blog! (Thanks Ted!) I decided to play full out and commit myself. BAM!

    Kind regards,
    Ernie “Rhyker” Kasteleijn – rising star

  37. Thank You Bob Reina for being a leader thus attracting other leaders into Talk Fusion. I have been in networking for years, and never crossed paths with anything like it. You must see it, if you go to the website, you will completely miss it…the powerful webinar will get you excited. Partner with the Industries best Leaders. Don’t wait, Bob has a incredibly simple system that works, and works well.

  38. Have recently joined TF and still finding my feet.  Like a number of others I have been involved with other MLM opportunities but have to agree this is certainly the best in terms of both products and rewards.  Looking forward to hitting the Diamond standard!

  39. This is the best program i have ever heard off.It is not just a program it gives me hope to get me the freedom of life.

    23 years have gone by when i was in a great company N.S.A water and air filters , and they were a no 1 company then.
    today talk fusion  has been the closest  and even better  than nsa . why because of there  professional and thought of products, payment plan, allso no1 for presentation .

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