My Shopping Genie Closed Down

Bailing out


We have send out a Scam alert about My Shopping Genie in February 2012. It seems the company has bailed out end of May. Offices are closed.

A review about My Shopping Genie can be found here. One of the main reasons of the disaster :

The master distributor of My Shopping Genie, had a controversial background, lots of people did not understand why the management team of My Shopping Genie has given Bruce Bise that position.

David Freed – CEO had also not a great track record.

It proves again Management of a Direct Selling company needs integrity and a proven track record.


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    1. Zeek is the first and only company requiring distributors pass a compliance test. Hoping this spreads industry-wide to protect our unstoppable industry.

  1. Find a coach that can share their network marketing experience and save you from making mistakes. There are 10 qualities all billion dollar companies have in common. Email me or visit my website. Happy to help.

  2. TED TED TED you’ve done it again your like the sonar of the industry well done. To all whom may be effected ((e)Joy it’s ok to slip in an E especially when your down under it’s how we roll down here.)best of luck if you need to jump and join something new let me know I may share if you ask…

    God speed

  3. Our industry is like many others in a business start-up phase…the roads are littered with broken dreams and hope..oh wait…we can look at it another way too. If you work any business by learning and growing each step of the way you will always be able to step out of the muck and through self reliance and new skills learned be able choose from the bountiful options we all have AND continue to grow and learn and evolve into a top take on it…

  4. When one dore close another one open. Wowwe , the best interenett based company out there? The direct selling association invited them just now to do a meeting with them explaining how to use wowwe for direct sale. How coole is that? 🙂

  5. So sorry for all those effected, but there are other choices that are experiencing growth of 600% in the past 27 months. The door has closed on The Shopping Genie, but this Double Door is open to all that want a solid company and income. Amazing growth, amazing leaders, backed by a billion dollar company on the NYSE. We welcome all to take part in our successful growth !

  6. It is always disheartening when you work hard and then your world crumbles… I can get you back in the saddle with a Rock Solid Company! ViSalus! : ) Check out my web site and message me! (Editor: Link removed)

  7. Hi TED, please which way back for me in a business when everything I have done for all these years have been lost? I have confidence that I can still get back on the ladder of success when there is a sort of support to begin again. Thank you

  8. I just received update from Troy Dooly, yes The Shopping Genie has closed but the good news is the company has been purchased by MLM technology company and he will have interview with the new owners and post next week. I hope things are not all lost for the Reps. Have a great weekend.

  9. cuando ya estes listo para seleccionar tu proxima empresa fijate en cuatro cosas basicas e indespensables, quien son sus lideres y su trayectoria, que producto tienen y que tanto se consume ese producto, el tiempo que tiene la empresa y que crecimiento tiene en ese tiempo, y por ultimo su plan de compesacion cuanto puedes aspirar a ganar y desde que momento.

  10. May prayers go out to those that lost everything they worked so hard for. One thing you know about this industry is that it teaches you to focus on personal development, in that you learned to be a problem solver. May you rise up above this and lead those that chose to follow you to the right company.

  11. Sorry to hear about the closer of My Shopping Genie. Anyone who was involved with M.S.G. that wants to continue in the NWM world in the Health & Wellness Industry please contact me. We are growing all over the world.

  12. So sorry for all who had invested their hopes and dreams in to this company. My prayers go out to all affected.
    That’s terrible, but that is why exceptional leadership is SO important. Organo Gold has that leadership. That is why I’m so happy & grateful that I’m a part of such an amazing company.

    Looking for individuals who are not afraid to dream big and go to work!! Inviduals who wants the freedom of running their own business coupled with the ability to earn an unlimited income. Does this sound like you? Then, you need to hit me ASAP. #LetsGoToWork

  13. I have never heard of My Shopping Genie – what were they? I’m with Lightyear Wireless and never been happier. The whole company really stands by their reps – I will never change.


  14. I firmly believe that this is not the time to push your offers to someone who has lost faith in MLM but I just want to make a point that I am not surprised with this result and never be surprised in future on death of many more product based companies with only reps paying the owners.
    The real opportunity is only with companies having real services and real revenue base $500 Million and over and fair comp plan paying reps % of actual bill instead of 25 cents per customer.

  15. Having been through this myself, after 8 years with the same company, I’m very sympathetic and sad for all those who have worked so hard. I trust the new venture will provide some rescue.

    Although still involved in MLM, in parallel I am developing my OWN products and business and recommend everyone to spend some time on that.

  16. Reading these comments makes wonder about the ignorance of people! Here is the first rule of business that most network marketing break… and if yours does, your network is doomed…

    Rule #1. Your target market must be prepared to regularly purchase your product at full retail price.

    This creates the massive customer volume all businesses need to survive.

    MSGene NEVER had this working.
    I hear that many of these ‘momentum’ companies lack this as well. Is the Visalus product really worth the price? Is the OG coffee really worth the price?

    This was the downfall of Agel, MonaVie, etc. They were doomed from Day 1.

    I would pay $100 for monthly health supplements, not $200. I would pay $500 for a weight loss pack, yet only keep buying if the product has VALUE.

    You get my point.

  17. Well, I guess it’s no surprise, huh? Having been with ‘the Genie’ when it initially opened it’s doors here in the UK, and having gotten swept up in all of the hype (as a somewhat newbie at the time) that was generated by the so called leaders, all I can say is thank goodness I saw the light and jumped ship after a little while. My biggest regret however, was that I lost credibility with many friends by aligning myself with folks that had a chequered past. Moral of the story…do massive due diligence & don’t listen to/follow so called leaders in your upline who clearly wouldn’t know integrity if it came up & bit them in the face!
    Final word….I hope it’s not true (as written above somewhere) that the majority of the remaining MSG reps have been ‘transferred’ into another company that is run by some of the same leaders. Please, please,please…..if you are reading this and you are one of those folks….stop following others….do what feels right to you….and align yourself with a company & leaders that share your own personal values and beliefs. trust me, they exist…..go find them!

  18. MLM is a wonderful business , the joy I have on a daily basis building a team and helping my team become financially independent , giving people the gift of living there life on their terms .Its a shame that companies like this tarnish the industry .


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