My Shopping Genie Scam Alert 2012

Scam Alert 2012


This website has received numerous complaints about My Shopping Genie (MSG). In September 2010 we already published and warned for the thin rope My Shopping Genie was on. You find the article here.

After Andrew Burling and Kalpesh Patel left the company with a Big Bang, the writing was on the wall. Master distributor John van Deurzen bailed out in November 2011.

According to many insiders My Shopping Genie is collecting payments from monthly autoships and is only paying a few preferred leaders. The field is left in the dust.  

A few message's we received:


My monthly subs were always taken out of my account on time and my commissions never going in. I had virtual money as per my back office. The money owed to me was never paid out to me. I asked and begged for it on many occasions and there were always excuses and In the end I had to call it a day and severed all my ties with MSG.

I might add that MSG had been select paying leaders since the Fall of 2011. We left in June 2011 after a long battle of fighting for back commissions, only promises of an investor and excuses. Chapter 13 is next IMHO

MSG is a complete waste of time. I lost thousands of pounds on fraudulent Easyjet Inflight Advertising magazine advertising that did not take place in the E-lottery, not taking any chances here.

As you have not paid me since May it is obvious you wont be paying me what i am due, other distributors are getting paid who are heavily promoting msg still. I do not wish to be involved and neither does my wife with a company that cannot perform payments that are due to their hard working distributors.

The company has not paid anyone since June… If you call and ask them what's going on with the pay they will tell you it's being sorted out and there were issues with the investors, etc, etc. etc… and that they expect to have all back pay paid up by next week… however they've been saying that since June… I would love to hear from anyone who has actually received a paycheck since then?.

This is what we call a Scam….


Alexa Rankings My Shopping Genie are Down the Drain.

The company is still popular in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.


My Shopping Genie Alexa Rankings 1 February 2012



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Comments (12)

  1. Bad things happen to good people but you can't let it stop you. I feel more at ease when I pay for something and get actual products in hand to sale, use or give-away as well as get rewarded for building a team… But there are many other programs out there where people pay for things that they will never see or touch and feel they got their money worth… Choose Wisely 

  2. Good day! It is sad that such things happen on the Internet,the more intense advertising campaign so often it happens. So really need to choose your business, not a program where there is only a forum, and standard officesupport and answers where you will never getAnd choosea company that has a legal address, telephone number,and demanded product is registered in the Direct Selling Associationa company that is a proven running at least 3 yearsI'll be glad if a distributor from Genoa to seethemselves in such a company  iWowWe


    Very sad that this happens and people are suffering who believed in this project, really need to choose a companywhich are going to build a business! It should be a legalcompanywith headquarters and registered in the Direct Selling AssociationWith such a company is less likely toget into these situationsThank you!



  4. Me and my son have asked several times when does the genie pay out our several hundred dollar commissions and every time we get like the others that there where some problems but every thing should be paid out the coming week, this  answer I get everytime I send inn a complain to support, I am sorry but MSG is not a firm we can trust anymore
    I have warned my hole downline and the most of them has now also stoppet their autoship for the monthly fee,

  5. As a profession we are never going to be accepted as legitimate, never going to be credible and never going to reach our own tipping point of participation until those seeking success in Network Marketing bloody their heart, mind, soul and credibility on enough of these kinds of DFD1 (Doomed from Day 1) scams.   So apparently we need more of them.   Let it rain stupiditly until we drown out the greed.
    Teach this folks.  Sell it.  Lead it.  Be it.   Number one question to ask about an opportunity:   Will this product be revelant, viable, in demand 25-50 years from now?   If it is a service or technology or software or anything just selling a program the answre is always NO.   You cannot charge for a silly service that the world will soon be giving away for free.  Whatever gizmo or secret you would like for people to believe you have will  be common knowledge in 12 months.
    Wake up or go home

  6. Another sad day for the industry. None of us can ever be happy when this happens in our great industry. I am truly saddened for this and for the MSG distributors. I am always so grateful and thankful that among the many good companies in the industry I found the one which has paid out on time every week for 8 years now and was able to do some key things never done before in the industry:
     60% commissions plus bonuses
     A variable Business plan with all three major Direct sales platforms:
     1- Catalogue division
     2- Home branding party division
     3- MLM
     Glamour and exclusive products worn by 100 celebrities
     A product that is pre approved in every country in the world
     60% to 100% Retail profits
     Forensic networker
     A safe and reliable product line that has been an asset for 5000 years. 

  7. Hello Ted, If it proves true that MSG (Agoradyne Ltd) have only been paying selected individuals, I wonder how their teams will feel at having been lied to months by people they obviously respected. If that is the case it makes you wonder how many will be happy to follow these people into the next  'good thing'
    John S

  8. If anyone within the industry that was involved in this company and would like to find a REPUTABLE home, please contact me. You should at least find out what we have our hands on. The public is in desperate need of this and I cannot do this alone!
    Contact me and I will get back to you ASAP
    Thank you!

  9. I was talked into this by a high pressure expert. I enrolled a couple of people, but they never paid me. $400 of losses later, I bailed out.

    Lost me some credibility too! Now i look for solid management in any MLM I join. I have one on my blog!

  10. Cheers Ted I appreciate you sharing all of this information I have passed on the Link to a great friend whom was ironically lookig at this opportunity. Maybe now you may have helped me save someones bacon and possibly assisted me with bringing her on board with my team… Cheers Weather report from the west coast of Australia middle of summer with a sexy light rain fall with a former cyclone off the coast.
    Why die to go to Heaven

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