Jean Marc Colaianni and Adel Sgro Join Organo Gold

Jean Marc Colaianni and  Adel Sgro - Organo Gold


European Top Leaders Jean Marc Colaianni and Adel Sgro join Organo Gold.

They will be launching their team in the FSU – the former Soviet Union – as soon as OG opens that market.

This legendary network professional and his spouse started their career back in 1991 in France. As they didn’t stop to expand their geography, Jean-Marc and Adele started to build their downline organization not only in France, but also in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and other European countries.

Growing by leaps and bounces, Jean-Marc and Adele in less than a year reached the highest levels in their career growth and became the Number One check in Italy. In 1996, leading a team of pioneer distributors, Vice President for International Business Development Jean-Marc Colaianni laid the foundations of the Vision distributor network that took off and started to pick up at the same phenomenally fast pace.

Over 2.5 million distributors joined his organization that is present in a wide variety of countries now.


Jean Marc Colaianni and Adel Sgro

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  1. Very proud to know them from 16 years, very happy to be short to such leaders. This is the best thing that could happen to OG and for them, OG is the best challenge. Together we will reach the highest level of the industry !! Go behond !!

  2. A HUGE Welcome Adele and Jean Marc to our global Organo Gold family. This union is a clear indication that Organo Gold continues to attract the world’s BEST leaders and achievers. Together, we make a WINNING TEAM! Let us build united and continue to reach across the globe to help those individuals who want to BUILD a better lifestyle for their families. Adele and Jean Marc again, a warm OG Welcome!

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