Xango Versus Ted Nuyten?

Ted Nuyten Chairman Business For Home Foundation


On 23 July I received an email from Michelle Wilson, General Counsel Xango:

Dear Mr. Nuyten,

I am General Legal Counsel for XANGO, LLC (XANGO) and represent XANGO in all legal matters.

I am writing to you regarding the articles entitled Xango -Problems in Russia And Kazakstan https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/07/xango-problems-in-russia-and-khazakstan/ and Xango in a Freefall – Fraud in Russia? https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/07/xango-in-a-free-fall-fraud-in-russia/ on July 20th and 21st, 2012 respectively.  

These articles as posted are inaccurate and misleading. XANGO was not offered an opportunity to comment during development of these articles or provide you with any context or information relating to these claims.  Legally, the accusation of fraud carries significant weight, damages and libel penalties.  We are especially disappointed you would use this unfounded, inflammatory term, which is harmful to XANGO and the industry overall.  Your story moves into attacks on the company and specific individuals associated with XANGO.  Any one of them could have a legal claim against you.

It is unacceptable for you leave these articles in their current form.  These articles should be immediately remove the articles from your website. Failure to remove them will leave us no choice but to pursue legal action against you and your publisher.  

I can be contacted at (Email removed).

Michelle Wilson
General Counsel, XANGO


I like to be unbiased, therefore on 31 July I have published Xango 's response, which was edited by Obtainer Online, Xango's PR partner.

According to Obtainer:

  • In recent days manipulative tactics have been employed by calculating individuals with the sole aim of damaging XANGO`s reputation.
  • We have reports from several Distributors that they have been approached and coerced to appear in staged protest videos.
  • Many of the online posts from anonymous sources include videos staged in 2009 and links to a start-up company event.
  • That is recruitment at its ugliest and shows us the intention and lack of credibility of these videos and online article.


99% of Business For Home' reports are in favor of the Direct Selling industry. I am not against Xango or any other Direct Selling Company.

I have not seen any explanation what really happened in Russia / Kazachstan, therefore I will not take the article's down. – Ted Nuyten


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Comments (3)

  1. Where is freedom of speech?
    I think it’s better to be proactive rather than defensive. I think it’s very wrong when Xango threat Ted for legal action. It will make it worst. Xango just need to express themselves people will decide what they want to believe. Bad move for Xango. I will be impressed when they take the negative news to positive action.

  2. HAHAHA! It is hilarious to see the websites that have posted the “staged” videos. All flooded with comments from Danny Wanzelee defending xango using the same talking points the company sent out. Basically telling them to attack the credibility of the hundreds of people seen in videos and articles that were defrauded. Come on! Think of a better strategy than attacking the victim xango. Or in this case, hundreds of victims! Typical. Sure, “it was her fault because she was wearing a revealing dress”. Got to do better than that. Great reporting this Ted so everyone can see them for what they are.

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