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Jennife Lynn - ViSalus


Jenny Lynn-Travis, is a Visalus 5 Star Ambassador reside in Florida, USA and is married to Scott Travis.

After a very successful career having won 12 IFBB Pro Figure Championships including the 2003-2005 Figure International at the Arnold Classic as well as the 2006 and 2007 Figure Olympia, Jenny searched for the next chapter of her life wanting to remain in the health and wellness industry as it was truly her passion.

In January 2010, she found what she was looking for and teamed up the with the founder of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, Nick Sarnicola.

However, her husband had to be convinced. Even though he shared her background as a top collegiate athlete, he was intially skeptical about the opportunity. Once her mlm income doubled her husband income, he decided it was something that was worth looking into.

Jenny has a team of 15,000 customers and promotors, and her income is topping at $80,000 a month.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Jenny.

Jenny, what was your first introduction to MLM, who invite you and why did you accept the invite?

I was approached by a personal friend of Nick Sarnicola about ViSalus in January 2010.  After being approached a handful of times, I took a closer look at the top quality products and phenomenal potential for profit. With this discovery, it seemed worth a shot!!

What attracted you in the business model, why did you decide to put your time and efforts in?

As a personal trainer, I was recommending products to my clients, so it made sense that I recommend this product line and get paid. The business model appealed to me, as I am extremely goal oriented and I enjoy continuing to work at achieving new ranks.  Furthermore, once I learned that I could impact many lives, I was hooked.

Jenny's Team leaders among many others

Kevin Latmore ViSalus Matt Lehr ViSalus Traci Redding ViSalus Jeni Briscoe ViSalus
Kevin Latmore Matt Lehr Traci Redding Jeni Briscoe
Scott Travis ViSalus Kim Maschari ViSalus Krissy Richard ViSalus Scotty Banks ViSalus
Scott Travis Kim Maschari Krissy Richard Scotty Banks
Stacy Tuell ViSalus Kaelin Tuell ViSalus Alonia Cottrell ViSalus Alex Burgin ViSalus
Stacey Tuell Kaelin Tuell Alonia Cottrell Alex Burgin
Jeremy Kalma ViSalus Jeff Davis ViSalus Vanessa Wilhelm ViSalus Dawn Borzon ViSalus
Jeremy Kalma Jeff Davis Vanessa Wilhelm Dawn Borzon


Why did you team up with your sponsor in ViSalus?

Nick Sarnicola took me under his wing from day one.  It was a huge blessing to learn the in's and out's of network marketing from one of the co-founders of the company.

Jenny Lynn-Travis Check ViSalus Cali Team
Bonus Check ViSalus Cali Team


How did you build such an impressive team, what is your secret?

Like myself, the majority of my team has never done network marketing.  So, I often travel to my various markets to help them build.  I learned very quickly that supporting my team is extremely important!!

Who have been your mentors or inspirators?

Of course, both Nick and Ashley Sarnicola, saw my passion for changing lives and helped develop me as an entrepreneur and leader.  Lori Petrilli has been a huge influence in helping me build teams; her work ethic and love for her team is unparalleled. Furthermore, I'd like to thank my parents, who told me I could always do anything I put my mind to.

Jenny Lynn Fitness


What do you like about Network Marketing?

I love that we all win together!  I spent a decade as a competitor which can be pretty lonely and isolated.  In ViSalus, you can't win without reaching down and helping the newest person succeed.   Additionally, I love all of the great friendships I've made, both on my team and cross line.

How do you overcome objections?

Most objections are from people who are misinformed so overcoming them with stats and facts is pretty easy. Personal transformations don't lie.  My own immediate family has lost 250lbs on the Challenge. With the launch of the NEW Body By Vi Challenge…we have a ton to be excited about in ViSalus right now!

ViSalus Meeting

ViSalus Meeting


How did you build up your organization?

I have built half of my team through social media, Facebook has been an extremely useful tool.  Outside of that, I have a lot of personal friends, previous colleagues and even family in my team.  Additionally, we meet people on a daily basis that want to get healthy and need our help!  In our business model, anyone can be successful if they want it and go after it.

A huge thank you Ted, for taking the time to interview me!  I appreciate it!!!cool

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