Vemma – $700 Million Paid Out In Commissions Since Interception

Richard and Rebekah Bischoff, Vemma


Since Vemma’s interception in 2004, the dynamic referral- based rewards model has paid out more than $700 million to people who ultimately gain peace of mind for their health and financial outlook.

Unlike typical business models with huge advertising budgets, Vemma empower their Brand Partners to refer Vemma products to others by setting them up with free marketing tools and rewarding them directly.

People know people; this will never change. By sharing Vemma products, people’s lives and health are favorably impacted every day.

2 rising stars in Vemma are Richard and Rebekah Bischoff.

Five years ago, Vemma Ambassadors Richard and Rebekah Bischoff had never heard of Vemma. In fact, they hadn’t met each other, either. Richard was 25, single and working as a personal trainer in his hometown of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“Everybody says, do something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” says Richard. “I found that with fitness training, but problems start when what you love to do doesn’t always pay the bills.”

He saw in Vemma an opportunity that could bring him the time, freedom and prosperity that his full-time career just couldn’t deliver.* Today, you’ll see Richard and Rebekah Bischoff’s names listed among the top 50 bonus earners in Vemma.*

“We didn’t have an amazingly fast success story. It took a strong ‘Why’ to make our Vemma business take off,” says Richard. “For me, that ‘Why’ came when we had our son.”

Starting out as consumers

When Richard first heard about Vemma, it was from a product perspective. A guy came into his gym with Vemma products and some of the other trainers started ordering them and recommending them to clients. Soon Richard was hearing about Vemma from everyone — including a gorgeous new personal training client of his named Rebekah, a makeup artist who also lived in Myrtle Beach.

“Right away, I noticed a difference when I started taking the Vemma formula,” says Rebekah.

A few months after he and Rebekah started hanging out, Richard finally did some research about Vemma. He was impressed by the clinical studies and started taking the products regularly.

“By then, we were dating, and so I fired him as my personal trainer,” Rebekah laughs. “He had to train me for free after that.”

Discovering the business side of Vemma

After he and Rebekah were married, Richard started to dislike the inconvenient hours that go along with personal training.

“All your clientele want to meet before or after typical working hours, so I was usually up at 4 a.m. to train people before they went to work, and then I worked late every evening,” he says.

However, it took something bigger than marriage to push Richard into the Vemma business full time. In December of 2011, Richard and Rebekah had their first child, and with that came a whole new reason to pursue a career with flexible hours and unlimited earning potential.

Getting a strong “Why”

“After our son was born, Rebekah quit work and I suddenly had a big motivation to provide more for my family,” says Richard.

It was a tough time, since their Vemma business had just fallen back by about half. But the timing ended up being fortuitous. New product launches, a new incentive program and the rush from YPR pulled Richard’s focus back into Vemma.

“Suddenly we had videos and apps and incentives I could get excited about — plus I wasn’t one of the youngest ones on the team anymore. I started really taking the business seriously. Instead of doing one event a week, I did one a day. I kept personally enrolling. Most of all, I just didn’t quit. After several months, my Vemma income was equal to my personal training income.* When our son was about 6 months old, our Vemma business was doing well enough that I quit personal training to work Vemma full time.”*

Since then, the Bischoffs have risen to be among the top 50 earners in the company worldwide.*

“It was exciting when we achieved that goal,” says Richard, who’s been able to provide amply for his growing family and allow Rebekah to stay at home with their children.* “Now I’m focused on helping 10 people on our team make it into Elite. We want other people to enjoy what we’ve been blessed with through Vemma.”

Richard and Rebekah’s favorite things about Vemma:

• Freedom to live where you want. “We both grew up on the beach and our families are here,” says Rebekah. “There’s limited economic opportunity in such a touristy town, but Vemma gives us the chance to live anywhere we want and make an income that’s commensurate with our skill level.”

• Amazing products. “Since health and nutrition are what I studied in college, I understand the importance of having a product that’s clinically studied,” says Richard. “Plus there are so many different delivery systems — you can get the Vemma formula in an energy drink, an energy shot, a protein shake, a weight management supplement and now a tea.”

• Great tools. “The Bod•e program works because the app keeps you accountable,” says Richard. “It tells you what to do and what to eat. The app makes the Bod•e program so simple.”

• Knowing what you do matters. “You’re making a positive difference in the health and finances of people all around the world. That’s something I couldn’t have ever done in personal training.”

• Flexible hours. “It’s Wednesday morning and we’re spending family time together,” says Richard. “There’s no way we could be doing that if I was working a typical job.”

• Exciting incentives. “It was the incentives that motivated me to take action and put extra work in. I enrolled more people and started having events every day instead of once a week,” says Richard, who drives a Mercedes, a benefit provided by Vemma Platinum Club.

• Unlimited earning potential.* “As a personal trainer, my income was maxed out by age 25,” says Richard. “No matter how much better I got, I’d only be able to charge the going rate. With Vemma, your income doesn’t have a cap.

*Results not typical, your results may vary. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts. The Company has generally expected results which can be obtained by visiting

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