MLM And The Caribbean – A Growing Market

Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade


Historically Caribbean nations are not known to be the “hub” for Direct Sales companies and all attempts of expansion by Direct Sales companies have been fractured and short lived.

However looking at the monumental success that Global Wealth Trade has experienced in the Caribbean suggest that the Caribbean is now ready and hungry for self-employment.

Global Wealth Trade is the first Direct Sales opportunity to be fully embraced by the Caribbean nations.

St Lucia is Global Wealth Trade’s second official launch in the Caribbean over the past 5 years. St Lucia launch was even bigger than the first launch in the island of St Maarten in 2008. Over 800 GWT Luxury Consultants and guests as well as the top government officials and media gathered to welcome Global Wealth Trade to St Lucia.

“Its not the Caribbean that wasn’t fit for MLM companies that tried before us,

it was the MLM companies that weren’t fit for the Caribbean”

These were the words of the global wealth trade founder Ramin Mesgarlou when he addressed 800+ attendees and the country’s top government officials and media. He went on to say..

“With this turn out the Caribbean people have spoken and

they are making their bid as an entrepreneurial society”

St Lucia is not the only Caribbean nation that has shown such entrepreneurial spirit for Global Wealth Trade; in fact the first Caribbean nation to open the gates for Global Wealth Trade’s massive Caribbean expansion was St Maarten where the company’s Caribbean regional center is currently located. St Maarten has seen Tour attendance (GWT term for presentations) of as high as 400 attendees with Tours being conducted simultaneously in Spanish, French and English. This is simply incredible in a country with a population of 60,000 people separated by three languages.

GWT’s Caribbean explosion doesn’t end here and already the next emerging market in the region promises to be Jamaica. All in all Global Wealth Trade has now expanded their operations in 23 nations in the Caribbean – it’s The Caribbean phenomenon.

The top government officials of every Caribbean country that Global Wealth Trade has expanded to have warmly greeted the company’s launch. In St Maarten TWO Prime Ministers have attended GWT festivities in the past 5 years. In St Lucia most of the top dignitaries including her Excellency Governor General were present and made stage appearances to welcome Global Wealth trade.

St. Lucia Global Wealth Trade Launch

Perhaps the FB posting of the Global Wealth Trade CEO would be the best way to describe the stardom power of this emerging and proud direct sales company. See his post at the bottom of this article.

Raising the economy:

Much like the rest of the world, the Caribbean countries have suffered greatly from the economical down turns. With an average income of $400 – $500 per month per capita, Global Wealth Trade Caribbean LCs have been able to quickly see incomes as high as $17,000 per month which simply is LIFE CHANGING for small markets.

We asked the founder Ramin Mesgarlou how these new markets are able to create high incomes so quickly with such small populations and here is what he had to say:

Ted, there are two reasons why we are seeing eye popping success in the Caribbean:

1- Global Wealth Trade’s FREE FLOWING VARIABLE compensation plan which has no RANKS, restrictions or maintenance which makes it much easier to convert sales volume to weekly income. These markets are new to Direct Sales so RANK FILLED compensation plans are hard to maintain hence other companies have had very little success and longevity here.

2- The Caribbean people know people everywhere and since Direct Sales is a business beyond borders and GWT is already doing business in 81 countries, the locals expand their GWT businesses beyond their island almost immediately. This is of course fantastic for the local economy as flow of funds from much larger economies like USA, Canada and Europe are flowing in to the islands.

Obviously for small economies, it is vital to attract foreign investment and Direct Sales is the easiest and the best way to do that as every local LC can launch Virtual Designer Malls all over the world and profit from their global sales. For this reason it is easy to see why the cerebral government officials of the Caribbean are welcoming Global Wealth Trade to their country.  They clearly see how this Direct Sales opportunity can help raise their country’s economy by empowering their local entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

 Logical, Perhaps the governments of the world need to follow the empowering pathway of the government leaders of St Lucia and St Maarten.

As promised this is the Face Book posting of Global Wealth Trade founder Ramin Mesgarlou after St Lucia launch.


Try to envision this.

  • A driver picks you up from your resort. Due to heavy rain your ride is 30 minutes late hence you are late to arrive at a football stadium like parking lot jammed with hundreds of cars parked on sidewalks, grass everywhere. With your arrival the building private gate opens to a secure area of the facility where only a few cars are parked.
  • You see several black BMW 750 IL parked (still running) and Police motorcycles everywhere with their blue lights flashing. The security and secret police opens your door and says “good evening Sir ”.
  • You are than greeted by one of GWT’s leaders who are heading the event plan execution, she says, “sir, the Governor General and the other dignitaries are all here and waiting for your arrival”. Embarrassed for being late (even though it was out of your control), you are escorted in to a two story very large theater PACKED with GWT LCs and over 400 guests on both levels (no standing room).
  • Every St Lucia media and news is there to cover this event for the night news and full broadcast.
  • Your arrival is announced as you walk in and you are escorted to the front row where you get introduced to dignitaries including the Honorable Leader Of The Opposition, The Honorable Minister Of Commerce, The Managing Director Of Business Development Bank Of St Lucia who all stand up to shake your hand.
  • Even for a 24-year MLM veteran who has launched hundreds of cities, you are overwhelmed by the professionalism, the décor, the crowd and the high level attendance of the government officials. A few seconds later, the announcement is made for everyone to stand up to welcome her Excellency The Governor General. Her Excellency arrives and everyone stands up and shakes her hand. (The event starts).
  • The Honorable Minister Of Commerce made an amazing opening speech and welcome Global Wealth Trade to St Lucia. As part of her speech she characterized Direct Sales track record as “checkered past” however after researching Global Wealth Trade in debt she was convinced that it was different and it can help St Lucia’s citizens and the country’s economy as a whole.
  • SR VP, Sanaz Hooman was than called up on stage to make a speech and the Founder/CEO Ramin Mesgarlou was the last speaker to be called up to address the large crowd.

Honorable Leader Of The Opposition and her Excellency The Governor General also made their way to the stage for a photo up. To everyone’s shock her Excellency The Governor General also received her GWT Diplomat certificate. YES HER EXCELENCY STARTED AS A GWT VIP CLIENT AND UPGRADED TO LUXURY CONSULTANT AND ACHIEVED DIPLOMAT IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS AND WON THE DIPLOMAT CHALLENGE. The Prime Minister of St Lucia was out of the country but still sent his greeting to the attendees. He said that he would have wanted to attend this monumental launch but unfortunately his schedule didn’t allow and welcomed Global Wealth Trade.

Regional Ambassador Sean Haynes than presented the GWT opportunity Tour to the mesmerized audience and after it was finished the organizers and security escorted all the dignitaries and GWT Founder and VP plus select few to a private lounge where catering crew had set up an amazing meal and open bar. In this session the GWT Founder addressed and congratulated the group and the dignitaries on their monumental success and also brought up some matters that the St Lucia’s government can help to even further speed up their already lighting fast growth.

Further breakfast meeting was set with the GWT Founder Ramin Mesgarlou and Honorable Minister Of Commerce and her secretary two days later at Sandals resort to discuss the matters in more detail with great optimism. A special recognition and thank you to St Lucia’s government for their warm welcome of Global Wealth Trade and their relentless support of the St Lucia’s GWT Luxury Consultants which is unprecedented in Direct Sales.

Very special congratulations to Team St Lucia for raising the bar by almost 50% over the previous record for an official launch of a new market. Approximately 800 people were in attendance in an island of 160,000. There are many more GWT official launches coming up over the next few months starting with Team Poland, Team Jamaica, Team Minnesota and team California.

Our 2014 focus will be Europe and Australia. – To The Billion

When first heard that Global Wealth Trade was launching the Virtual Designer Mall concept (VDM) as part of their PHASE III earlier this year, we went to Canada to cover the event. It seems that the highly anticipated concept has met the high expectations of the company and its work force.

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