Rob Roder – Talk Fusion Top Earner Interview

Rob Roder, Talk Fusion, Top Earner


Rob Roder of Florida, USA is one of Talk Fusion's Top Earners, and has earned well above $3 Million in combined earnings.

He has countless active Associates in his global team, with more individuals from even more countries constantly signing up to experience the possibilities of the Talk Fusion Opportunity.

Three years ago, it was a completely different story. After finding success as an entrepreneur, Rob lost his thriving business to a global recession. He had to sell off his personal possessions just to put food on the table. His homes were foreclosed upon, and he was forced to borrow money from friends. Worst of all, he could no longer keep his two beloved dogs after they got sick.

 But seven months later, as his hope was all but crushed, Rob was introduced to Talk Fusion by some old friends and former teammates in the mlm industry, Presidential Blue Diamonds Minh & Julie Ho.

Rob saw the company’s potential in the global marketplace, and focused the work ethic that had made him successful in the past on building a strong and rewarding Talk Fusion business. Now, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed of, while teaching others around the globe how to achieve their own dreams.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Rob Roder:

Rob, what was your very first encounter with Network Marketing?

My first encounter was with Shaklee, in 1987.

Talk Fusion Team Russia

Team Russia

What was your opinion about the Direct Selling Industry before you got involved?

I really didn’t know much about it, to be honest. I didn’t know much about the industry. I was attracted to the fact that I could leverage myself and my efforts, but back then, it was a completely new game to me, and I didn’t have any success at first, because I didn’t know what I was doing.

How did you get introduced to Talk Fusion?

I met [Talk Fusion Presidential Blue Diamonds] Minh & Julie Ho in 2001, working in a different company. Later, Minh had contacted me about Talk Fusion several times, sent me some video emails. I just didn’t have any interest [in network marketing]. I kept asking him if he was making money.

He contacted me again in October of 2010, and he was excited, I could hear it in his voice, his sincerity, and at that point he was making money. The timing was perfect, because [Talk Fusion Founder & CEO] Bob Reina had opened up internationally, we were in 85 countries at that point. And I joined on the first day of Instant Pay.

I was watching very closely, to see if Bob was like some of the other CEOs I’d worked with, and I was delightfully surprised. I got paid every penny, the products worked perfectly, and every month my confidence grew because I saw things happening with Talk Fusion that I had not experienced previously. I saw structure, departments that were running professionally, the brand, it all really impressed me … so my confidence was really high, especially after meeting Bob face-to-face, and hearing his vision.

The other thing that impressed me was Bob’s humanitarian side. I’m an animal lover, and I liked that he was involved [with those causes]. I had two boxers that I loved, and at my lowest point, I had to put my dogs to sleep. I couldn’t afford medical care for them, and that really broke my heart, on top of losing my home, family members becoming sick, having to borrow money from friends.

When Minh called me, I wanted to know if it was stable, if the company was doing the right things administratively and ethically, and would have the right appeal. And I could see the future of video, and that combined with the stability of the company and Bob’s drive, it really motivated me. I needed to find someone with that vision, that was the motivating factor for me.

And by that time, my sponsors, Minh and Julie, were making money, and that pushed me harder. I knew if they could do it, I could do it. I just went to work. I did what I do best, which is promote. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Why are you succesful, what is your Secret?

I think the secret to my success is a few things. You have to have that dream. I’m a composer, I write music, and my dream is to get my work out there on a global level.

It’s a gift from God, and it’s something that’s driven me since I was a child. I have the work ethic because I have a dream, and the dream drives me. It was never about the money, it was what the money could give me, which was the freedom.

That’s why I became a top producer. I would let the dream drive me. But I just couldn’t find the right vehicle until Talk Fusion. I made a decision years ago that I was going to become financially independent, so that I could call the shots and do my music the way I wanted. I would have to put the dream first.

And of course the work ethic is something I’ve always had, because o the dream. My dad was a great inspiration in that arena, he was a very hard worker.

Are you a massive recruiter or are you more selective who to partner with?

It’s a combination of both. You need to build a large team at first to work depth and identify other leaders in your organization, but once I had my key foundation and the leverage started to kick in, I moved to phase two, which was being more selective.

If you bring in people you don’t want to work with, it isn’t fun, and when you work with people who aren’t disciplined, or don’t want to work, it becomes something you don’t enjoy. If you work with people with the same work ethic and responsibility level, it’s fun. And it’s much more productive that way, because you’re working with people that have the same mindset.

For me, I think selective recruiting has always been the key, because that’s what I do. If someone doesn’t fit my criteria, and who can’t see what I saw, the timing and the potential, then I move on to the next.

Your team is is many countries, is there a cultural difference between the USA and the rest of the world in MLM?

The fundamentals, and not being emotionally attached [to rejection], that’s universal. And the dream, I think that’s what takes it to a global level, is that we can touch lives on such a massive scale, and bring people together through the basic concepts of success, and create a kind of family.

Getting people around the world to work together as a team, that’s been very rewarding. It’s amazing what people can do when they have a vehicle. It’s raising the bar. There’s power in that.

They’re all different in some ways, but the desire and elements of success can be universal. Not to mention that we’re in the right place at the right time. Video is a global megatrend, and that’s very exciting.

What are the benefits of the Talk Fusion compensation Plan?

There are so many, benefits, Instant Pay is just the start. Talk Fusion has one of the highest payouts in the industry, and it just takes one sale left and one sale right to earn a commission, so it’s easy for people who are new to the business to start earning immediately.

Plus, the value of the products is so high, and you get everything for just $35 USD a month, so people who join the business stay in—there’s no real ongoing expense or auto-shipping to keep up with, which is great for both your team, and for residual income.

The Talk Fusion compensation plan is—to me, you put that on, it’s like the turbo engine. I call this the golden goose on a silver platter, for the networking industry.

How do you duplicate your success in your team?

By following the Diamond Rush Training. That’s it. I mean, that system Bob has given us is everything. He’s figured it out. This is truly the foundation for success. The Diamond Rush was music to me, the system is here, just invite prospects to presentation, always follow up with the 3-way calls. And the mindset, the posture. Bob was the first CEO I met that understood that, and had mastered it. When I saw what he was doing, I was immediately locked in. I just share what he shares with us.

Do you have an advice for newbies in the MLM industry?

Just follow the system. It’s a proven plan for success. it’s a plan of action, one that works. It creates duplication. Anybody can do it. We don’t need trained salespeople. In fact, trained salespeople will not succeed if they try to be salesmen. If they can learn not to be emotionally attached to the results, we basically just show them by example how to plug into the system.

Excitement is everything. You don’t have to sell or explain anything–just share your convictions. Remember that “no” doesn’t mean no; it just means “not right now.”

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