Bob Reina – CEO Talk Fusion Interview

Bob Reina Interview Talk Fusion

I got a phone call from Top Earner and Triple Diamond Steve Mitchell:

Hi Ted, sorry for the short notice, I am now in Amsterdam – The Netherlands with Bob Reina CEO Talk Fusion, Allison Roberts,  Vice President of Training & Development and Triple Diamonds Andrew and Nancy Burling.

Do you like to interview Bob tomorrow morning? We are traveling through Europe, flying out tomorrow evening. So your reporter Ted Nuyten traveled to Amsterdam and had the honor to interview Bob Reina.

Talk Fusion is in Momentum and the Nr. 1 website in the world of Direct Selling according to the Alexa Ratings. Estimated 200,000 distributors in 114 countries are active and a second office in India is established. The company has more than 100 MLM companies as customers using Talk Fusion's communication platform. The estimated revenue for 2011 is $100 million and is fast growing. A large part of the success, and a hidden secret, is through the Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

Bob Reina is a former police officer, and is founder and CEO. He attended the University of South Florida, USA and upon completion of his collegiate studies, he entered the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated number one in his academy class while earning the prestigious Award of Merit.

Bob Reina with his Dog

As a police officer, Bob served in many capacities involving patrol, crimes against property and major crimes against persons. In 1990, Bob was introduced to network marketing and decided to engage it on a part time basis while still employed as a police officer. Even though he was working as a law enforcement officer.

While many know Bob Reina to have quite a sense of humor, it’s no joke when he says: “In order to be successful, it takes commitment over a period of years, and I mean a lot of them.” Self-discipline helped him remain farsighted in a career that had many bumps as well as forks in the road. Bob juggled several jobs while completing his coursework at the University of South Florida.

Anyone recognizing his picture might be having a flashback of Bob pulling them over during his patrol days. In response to an entrepreneurial itch, however, Bob began using good old-fashion desire and sweat to make it as a part-time associate in direct selling.

His passion for marketing led to boldly giving-up a steady paycheck. Family and friends called him crazy, but he had a clear-cut vision for success. In a recent survey, “Bob’s vision” was actually the reoccurring reason that Talk Fusion’s marketing and technology experts joined his team.

He brings insight and dedication to work, and he also brings family pets (like his loyal dog Shadow) to the office each day. Therefore, it is no surprise that much of Bob’s free time goes to actively supporting non-profit groups to help animals.

Bob Reina Boss Day RecognitionBob, What is your background as a distributor?

I worked as a police officer early in the nineties and was helping my church that day. I was pitched by an Amway distributor in a restaurant, I did not sign up but a couple of weeks later I was in a MLM telecom opportunity. I remember, by the way that I was dressed as a police officer in my first business opportunity meeting, scaring the presenter…

I was able to become the top producer for my networking company in the state of Florida.

That opportunity did not work out on the long run as 2 other Telecoms, all 3 closed the doors. I have also been with Alliance USA, Travel Reaction and Formula 1, all USA based companies. Travel Reaction is a travel company with business management offices located on the West coast of Florida in Tampa and is still active.

I was the founder of Cash Card Worldwide and served as President. Throughout 15 dedicated years in networking, I have been in the top 1% income earners of multiple companies while servings on their advisory boards. 

In 2004 I wanted to email a 10-sec video to friends. America Online said it couldn't be done; but I believed it could. With the help and expertise of an IT genius friend, we achieved the seemingly impossible and we perfected the idea of putting videos into emails. I decided to start my own video communications company and launched Talk fusion in 2007.

Interview Bob Reina & Allison Roberts - Ted Nuyten in Amsterdam

What is your vision on compensation plans?

I never liked in my distributor days I had to wait for weeks before I could collect my distributor earnings, so I developed the first Instant Pay Plan. While other companies pay commissions weekly or even monthly, Talk Fusion pays commissions instantly.

You really can change your life and live your dreams starting on day one. The moment a distributor has a sale, we pay out the same day. It really motivates our people, it is a major differentiator.

Are you developing new products?

We are working on an application to email video's with 1 click from your mobile phone such as an Iphone, Ipad or any other mobile device. We are pretty sure it will be a huge success.

Looking back to the start of Talk Fusion, would you have chosen a different strategy nowadays?

Yes, I would bring in more experienced leaders and I would choose a lower price point for the product offering. We started with a package of $399 including a web cam. A lower price point would have excellerate sales and momentum sooner.

Looking to distributors versus customers what is the ratio and which countries are the top 5 in Sales?

About 50% of the turnover is realized by customers, in sales revenue the Top Talk Fusion countries are: USA – Czech Republic – Hungaria – Germany & Austria, Dubai, and Romania.

Giving back

Reina Thunder RobertsBob has made it possible for Florida's Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office to add another smart, young dog to its K-9 Unit. Reina Thunder Roberts, a German Shorthaired Pointer from Europe, is the latest addition to the unit.

Bob Reina, and Allison Roberts, were recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. They are dedicated to helping provide a voice for helpless animals, helping them find forever homes, increasing donations to the Humane Society and lowering euthanasia rates. As Board Members, they and Talk Fusion will continue to be instrumental in bringing projects like this to reality.


Yvette Mitchell and Steve Mitchell - Talk Fusion Top Earners Andrew and Nancy Burling
Steve and Yvette Mitchell – Talk Fusion Top Earners
Andrew and Nancy Burling – Talk Fusion Top Earners


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  1. Thank You Ted,
    We are very proud of our CEO and Founder Bob Reina, VP of Sales and Developement Allison Roberts, Steve & Yvette Mitchell and ALL of our amazing Leaders with Talk Fusion. We ARE with the Right Debt Free Company, with the Right Video Communication Products, with the Right Compensation Plan of INSTANT PAY, at the Right Time. The Culture with Talk Fusion is the Best of the BEST. Helping people change lives with a very Simple Duplication System, means the World to us! We will not ever have to look at any other company to go to! Thank You again for such a great interview with well deserving people and a well deserved company!

  2. I’ve been involved with the company for about a year and a half. These cutting edge products, along with the instant pay compensation plan, are unbeatable … My team is now 1000s strong and I’m having the time of my life … =)

  3. I am most happy I chose to be a customer/distributor for Talk Fusion… in the real world the internet and particularly use of video makes the difference… it’s time we “Independent Contractors” exercised our right to use products from various direct-selling companies when they provide synergy for our “Other” projects including mlm. Does the manager of Kmart stand in the Target parking lot telling Target customers they can no longer shop at Kmart if they shot at Target also? Being a “Captive Agent” is the worse thing network marketing has ever come up with… after all we promote the “Freedom” aspect of our opportunities do we not? If a company or upline wishes to keep their downlines… shouldn’t they just treat them better? Isn’t that the REAL AMERICAN WAY?

  4. I was at the London TalkFusion Event in London on Sunday the 30th October.

    AWESOME what a CEO so polite humble respectful, and he talked to anybody who wanted to talk to him and any one who required a picture with him.

    I believe that i and my friends and Business contacts will not fail to be impressed by the product range.

    I will one day be a Leader of a GR* bunch of people.


    Mal Hamlett


    I used capital letters trying to express my great honor for visiting Hungary and spending time with Hungarian leaders.
    I belive, that Your visit with the VP Alison Roberts and the top earners of the company, – Julie Ho and Rob Roeder had, and going to have deep impact on eastern european developement of Talk Fusion!

    Thank You ALL…!


    Borisz Vegvari

  6. 8 Cutting Edge Product?.Instant Pay?.6 Income Streams?Global Opportunity?Amazing Customer support?.Live webinars 5 times per day..7 times per week?.The Vision of Bob Reina?the drive of Alison Roberts?.The Hottest Opportunity on planet Earth?enough said….Steve & Dani Smith 2 Star

  7. Moro no Brasil. Entrei recentemente no negócio e já sou BRONZE. Com toda minha experiência em MMN, nunca vi um sistema com ferramentas tão importantes para internautas como as de Talk Fusion. Costumo dizer que independente das atividades exercidas todos precisam de ferramentas de vanguarda como as de Talk Fusion. Além disso, ainda podemos obter uma renda residual pela divulgação.
    Parabéns Bob pela iniciativa. Assim como Pelé foi eleito o atleta do século 20, você será considerado o profissional do século 21 no segmento de ferramentas para internautas.

  8. Parabens Bob, CEO do seculo 21. 8 produto Cutting Edge … Pay. Instantânea … 0,6 Streams de Renda … Global Opportunity … de apoio ao cliente … Incrível. Webinars ao vivo 5 vezes por dia .. 7 vezes por semana …. A Visão do Bob … Reina a unidade de Alison Roberts …. A Oportunidade mais quentes no planeta Terra … disse o suficiente …. cdrbusiness – BRONZE

  9. Congratulations Bob Reina, CEO of Century 21. 8 Cutting Edge Product?.Instant Pay?.6 Income Streams?Global Opportunity?Amazing Customer support?.Live webinars 5 times per day..7 times per week?.The Vision of Bob Reina?the drive of Alison Roberts?.The Hottest Opportunity on planet Earth?enough said?.cdrbusiness – Bronze

  10. Congratulations Bob Reina, CEO of Century 21. 8 Cutting Edge Product?.Instant Pay?.6 Income Streams?Global Opportunity
    I was at the Budapest TalkFusion Event in Budapest on Saturday the 29th October. Bob he?s done a great job I am glad of there success
    This company Be the Best

  11. IT?S POSSIBLE! a person can go from the Poorhouse to the Penthouse. Talk Fusion has totally changed our lives completely. Looking back 14 months ago, we had only 2 pennies left in our pocket and a sheriff gave us 72 hour notice to either move or pay our past due rent. Due to the recession we lost everything?.our Mortgage Business, a 5 figure monthly income and cars. Talk Fusion Powerful Instant Pay was a miracle for us because we were able to pay outstanding past due bills to current and put money into Savings and Retirement accounts, which we haven?t had in 10 years. We were able to clear up all of our financial debts and get back on track and also pay cash for a BMW X5 SUV and ready to purchase a nice home for cash plus a brand new Mercedes Benz paid by the company. We?re still in ?awe? of how quickly we were able to turn our hopeless situation around and it was all due to hard work and following the simple duplicatable system in place. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has? INSPIRED? us to turn the IMPOSSIBLE into POSSIBLE! We want to Thank Bob Reina for the Talk Fusion Opportunity, his VISION and his AMAZING foresight. He has allowed ordinary people like us to earn extraordinary income and a 7 figure-lifestyle in less than a year . In closing we?d like to say: We feel we?ve made a difference in other people?s lives in 118 countries by simply sharing the Talk Fusion Opportunity. It has given us the chance of a lifetime to be able to ?Pay It Forward?. CHEERS!


    Minh and Julie Ho- Grand BLUE Diamond
    ” It Doesn’t Matter What Works, It Matters What Duplicates”

  12. From Enrollment To Diamond Elite in matter of months with Talk Fusion; not years like other companies I have been with. There is no other opportunity on the planet with such an impact on people’s lives from around the world. Talk Fusion is allowing ordinary people form countries all around the globe to build a Talk Fusion Business and earn extra ordinary income. Distributors from almost every direct sales company are using the wonderful Video Products to better promote their products and train their distributors and saving big dollars over the industry leaders. We are looking for sales people we are looking for new and professional marketers that wish to learn how to duplicate system to the point of earning a six or seven figure income and simply help others do the same. So if you?re interested in one of the simplest opportunities that can be found on planet Earth get in touch with me or the person who first told you about Talk Fusion, this is one company that will definitely have you saying ” I am glad I did” For The Diamond Elite Hotline Call: 541-688-2046

  13. Thank You Talk Fusion Founder & CEO, Bob Reina And Our Teamily Leaders. Talk Fusion Opportunity For A Home-Based Business Offers The World’s First & Only Instant Pay Compensation Plan! Make A Sale Today And Get Paid Instantly 3 Minutes After! 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year! On Our Global Cash Card Gotta Love-It!

  14. I can only say THANK YOU Bob Reina for this awesome opportunity!!!!! THANK YOU Julie and Minh Ho for being there for us, the Hungarian and the Romanian teams.Now I dare DREAM BIG!!!!! TALK FUSION ROCKS! (and, as Minh puts it : this is only the beginning)

  15. Talk Fusion has given our family hope again. My husband is General Contractor who worked for 20 years for the same Regional Home Builder in Florida. In 2008, the recession hit and the housing market crashed. We hung on for 2 years scrapping by until finally declaring bankruptcy. We lost everything. Finally landing a job making only 1/3 of what our previous income was – we could cover the basics. But, there would be no way to help our teenage children go to college … and no way to save for retirement on that income. Talk Fusion has given our family a vehicle to regain a lost income and take care of our family again. I love how global this company is! I love how simple the system is to share the opportunity! I love how I can do it all out of the comfort of my own home & stay home with my children! I love how affordable it is! AND, I LOVE INSTANT PAY!!!!

  16. It’s EXCITING what’s happening in Talk Fusion. I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend time with Bob Reina and he is the real deal. His vision of becoming the next Billion Dollar Brand is becoming a reality. The system at Talk Fusion is causing a GLOBAL EXPLOSION. We’re looking forward to riding the MOMENTUM wave in 2012! Jimmy Ezzell

  17. It brought tears of joy to my eyes when I learned that Bob had donated One Million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. So many animals around the world are suffering because of the disasters and also because of neglect and it is heartwarming to see someone reach out to help. If all of us reached out to help the unfortunate, whether animals or people, we could lessen the suffering of those who need help. It is my goal to build my Talk Fusion business so I can make a donation to the Humane Society in my City. If each of us make the goal to give a helping hand to those who need it, what a difference we can make in their lives. Lets make it our goal to take Talk Fusion to a BILLION $$$ company by growing our businesses to help the less fortunate around the globe. What a concept!

  18. If you know a Divine Appointment when you see one, this is it.
    Talk Fusion has some amazing leaders and they do the work for us.  Bob has an incredible vision for chaging lives, and I am glad to be a part of the moment.  God bless everyone.

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