Steve & Yvette Mitchell Achieve 1-Star Ambassador with ViSalus

Steve Mitchell, Visalus


Steve & Yvette Mitchell, recently made the career decision to join ViSalus – with nearly 1.5 million new people joining the Body by Vi Challenge™ last year, this made ViSalus the #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Platform in North America.

Steve & Yvette’s decision seems to have paid off as they have achieved the rank of 1-Star Ambassador (Requires $210,000 volume among others) in only 25 days and are now building a European team, as the company expands out of North America, into the UK and the rest of Europe.

Steve Mitchell was recently voted as one of the ‘Top 20 Global Network Marketers 2013’ and has consistently been in the Network Marketing industry’s ‘Hall of Fame Top 100 Income Earners’.  

As Steve explains

“We spent over a year looking closely at ViSalus – this company has achieved a billion dollars in sales in just 4 short years and that was only in 3 countries!  Now they want to 'go global' starting first in the UK, then all across Europe. 

It’s a very exciting time for people to partner with a 'giant' of a company as it steps global”

Steve & Yvette are naturally pleased with their success in such a short time, and they are the first to recognise and say a big public ‘thanks’ for the great support from their enroller, Vi Global Ambassador & Co- Founder Nick Sarnicola, but, as they said, more than their own success they are even more excited by the amount of people they have already helped towards their dreams.

“we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy great success from this incredible relationship marketing industry, but what’s more important to us now is how many other lives we can positively impact and change, as fast as we can! – it’s probably the #1 reason we chose to join Vi – it’s this company’s ability to change so many lives in a short timeframe that was the single biggest attraction for us. 

As an example, in just 25 days we have already helped 6 people ‘get in a BMW car’ paid for by ViSalus.  That’s 6 more people in a matter of just a few weeks who we’ve now managed to put a very big smile on their face as they look at what’s parked in their driveway! That is a simple but powerful example of what we can do to make a difference to tens of thousands of people’s lives around the world.”

Steve & Yvette’s plans to help ViSalus grow in to Europe took a step closer last week when Ryan Blair – Vi CEO and Co-Founder, announced:

We have invested $3.4 million to open the UK market and to launch four additional European markets.  We are on track for these 2014 market openings, beginning with two in the first quarter, which will bring the Body by Vi ChallengeTM to a European population of over 230 million people in our five markets, more than half of whom face weight management challenges.”

Steve’s reaction… “We have a lot of friends we’re excited to share ViSalus with in Europe – they are going to love the Vi Life! – as soon as we have formal news from the corporate office which are the first countries in Europe for Vi to grow in to next, we will be letting people know.

Steve and Yvette Mitchell

Steve and Yvette Mitchel - ViSalus

We are reminded of the saying ‘journeys are made by the people you travel with’ …we are very excited with the people who want to travel this Vi journey with us – the chance for most people to launch ‘a billion-dollar giant’ into Europe probably won’t happen again for most people.”

About Steve Mitchell:  

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