Vemma Sales Figures Revealed 2004 – 2013

BK Boreyko, CEO,  Vemma


Vemma, the largest mangosteen product based company in the networking industry revealed their all times revenue from 2004 to 2013.

Marking a 99% increase over the September 2012 sales total, Vemma closed out September with sales approaching $21 million and daily sales increasing by almost $100,000 a business day over last month.

The company growth is fueled by the best-selling Verve brand which has become a $100 million+ brand on its own.

The release of the new Verve ParTea gave sales a nice bump and allows Vemma Brand Partners to tap into the exploding 'ready to drink' iced tea market.

Vemma announced earlier that sales reached $20 million per month in July, a first-ever record for the company.

After taking 7 years to reach the $10 million monthly sales mark in July 2012, Vemma has doubled that to $20 million a month just 12 months later.

In addition, Vemma monthly customer and Brand Partner enrollments reached the 30,000 mark for the first time in July.

Vemma Sales Figures

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