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Coming into this Industry as an amateur back in 2008, proved to Stormy Wellington that network marketing really works.

After taking a hard hit in the economy; she was able to go from a $13 per hour job to a well documented 7-figure income in her first year, growing an organization of over 130,000+ people.

In my desire for continued growth, I was given the opportunity to be mentored by and worked closely with the #1 income earner in Direct Sales/Network Marketing, Holton Buggs; so I transitioned to Organo Gold.

Stormy Wellington reached the position of Emerald within 6 days; and broke the company record of going Diamond in only 4 months; leading a team of over 8,000 distributors.  This experience helped her to grow as a coach and sharpen her skills as a leader.

Stormy Wellington says:

After sitting out of the industry for almost a year to prepare for the arrival of my new baby; I learned Internet Marketing and I was introduced to FG Xpress and the PowerStrips.

At first I wasn't interested, but after experiencing the product for myself and giving it away to people who needed it; the results were mind blowing. Once I completed my research of the product as well as the compensation plan; I decided to take a closer look at the opportunity.

I flew to Salt Lake City and was blown away; because now I had an even greater opportunity to continue my journey for continued grow by working with my previous mentor’s mentor! Traveling back home, all I could think about was how this product could help so many people; and could have helped my mother, who is now deceased.  This was so powerful for me in so many ways!

I was initially introduced to FG Xpress by former Organo Gold Diamond Consultant, Demond Coleman; and together we saw this as the perfect opportunity to formulate a strategic alliance and create a movement that will impact the lives of millions all over the world by helping to relieve both physical and financial pain.

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