Holton Buggs And Shane Morand – Organo Gold Commissions Analyzed

Holton Buggs, Organo Gold


There is a lot of discussion going on about Organo Gold's compensation plan.

Both Holton Buggs as Shane Morand – Global Master Distributor have done a tremendous job by building up in a short time frame a $215 million USA business according to well informed Direct Selling News.

According to a well informed Top ranked OG distributor the $215 million is most likely USA revenue.

An estimated $100 million extra revenue is from the rest of the world.

Both Holton Buggs as Shane Morand cash in over $1+ million a month, they are listed for est. $400,000 per month as the Business For Home ranks are based on the regular compensation plan and not on off compensation plan deals.

Nothing wrong with extra rewards for top producers however if those rewards are not for the average Joe we do not count those rewards for the ranks.

A legit compensation plan pays out on average 30 – 38% over the company sales. Organo Gold distributors claim it is higher in their pay plan however a non internet based product company like Organo Gold can not pay out more then 45%. Otherwise either your products are extremely over priced or you go into debt 🙂

Lets assume Organo Gold pays as high as 45% commission over $315 million, which is $142 million commission. Both Holton Bugss and Shane Morand receive over $24+ million annual. (17% of all commissions) Left for the other leaders $128 million.

There are approx. 118 leaders listed below with total annual earnings of $51 million. Left for all other Organo Gold distributors $77 million.

We estimated Organo Gold has 50,000 – 70,000 ACTIVE distributors, then the average ANNUAL pay out for that group is $1,540 – $1,140.

It is safe to say Organo Gold has a top weight compensation plan, it favors Top Recruiters, through compression, for the average Joe, it is a tough deal.



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