Ambit Energy Launches New Product

Jere Thompson,Ambit Energy,CEO


Ambit Energy, a leading national retail energy provider, is launching two new energy management tools so Texas residential customers with a smart meter can view their energy usage, estimate monthly charges and take steps to conserve energy.

The program includes a weekly email, the Ambit Energy Advisor, which includes a weekly usage summary, a projected monthly usage summary and an estimated monthly billing amount. In addition, customers can view a more detailed report online when they log in to their MyAmbit Account Usage Summary. This summary lets customers analyze their energy use by the month, the week, the day—or even in 15-minute intervals.

These tools will facilitate customer understanding of their trends in home electricity use, as well as the impact of outdoor temperatures on electricity consumption. Ultimately, this detailed information will help consumers manage their monthly budget and conserve energy.

“The launch of the Ambit Energy Advisor and MyAmbit Account Usage Summary further illustrates how we keep our customers’ best interests at heart and provide the resources necessary to help them save money,” said Chris Chambless, Co-Founder and CMO of Ambit Energy. “With seasonal peaks in energy consumption, consumers are closely monitoring their electricity usage. Our energy management tools do the heavy lifting to provide everything needed so our customers can make informed decisions.” 


The detailed usage email delivers the following information for consumers looking to better budget energy costs:

Cost and Usage Summary: Displays current and projected electricity usage and estimated cost.
Usage Graph: Provides a view of electricity consumption by the time of day to show when and how much electricity is consumed.
Temperature: Shows high and low temperatures for the day(s) in order to see the correlation between the temperature and home electricity usage.

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