Melaleuca Making Great Strides

Frank Vandersloot,Melaleuca,FOUNDER


Melaleuca Company founder Frank Vandersloot shared how he grew his company into a billion dollar enterprise.

Vandersloot spoke at the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce CEO Speaker series.

Melaleuca is based in Idaho Falls and is the largest manufacturer of packaged goods in the Northwest, focusing products on wellness.

The company is currently putting the finishing touches on a new headquarters just south of Idaho Falls.

Vandersloot says he’s excited to get everyone back under the same roof together.

“We are totally moved in right now.  It was a process that took two weeks but one thing that I am really excited about, it took no longer than two hours for every employee.  So every employee that moved which was like 1,700 folks, the most they were down was two hours a piece,” says Melaleuca founder, Frank Vandersloot.

Frank Vandersloot was just selected for the Horatio Alger Award for entrepreneur’s and the award recognizes spirit of free enterprise.

Past winners include Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, President Ronald Regan and country music legend Johnny Cash.

Although these are positive accolades for Melaleuca. The company is still under scrutiny from the industry. Compensation plan changes are still kept discreet and Vandersloot continues to deny that Melaleuca is a multi-level-marketing company, although it falls under every description of one. 

Get more information, facts and figures about Melaleuca, click here for the Melaleuca overview.

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