Talk Fusion’s Dream Getaway Closes With Moving Breast Cancer Tribute


Beverly Monical of Tampa, Florida was always admired by her fellow Talk Fusion Associates worldwide for her passion, love of Talk Fusion, and faith–even in moments of adversity. A driven team leader with great aspirations for the future, Beverly had always dreamed of attending Talk Fusion’s luxurious, bi-annual Dream Getaway incentive trip in Maui. However, the four-time cancer survivor was never able to attend.

As a testament to her hard work and determination, Beverly was given an honorary passage to Dream Getaway at Talk Fusion’s annual Corporate Event, IMAGINE, in Tampa this April. Unfortunately, her health declined and she had to cancel. That would be her last chance to make the trip.

Beverly lost her battle with breast cancer this summer.

Even after Beverly’s passing, Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina and VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts made sure that the legacy of this inspirational Associate lives on. What better place to do so than in beautiful Hawaii?

A tribute ceremony was held in her honor on Sunday, December 7th at the Dream Getaway trip for Diamond Associates and above in Hawaii, with Beverly’s husband, Bill Monical, and son, Gordon Waugh, in attendance.

Over 150 Dream Getaway attendees gathered on the beach at sunset to celebrate Beverly’s life and highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness.

“Beverly was so proud of Talk Fusion,” Allison Roberts said that evening. “As we pay tribute to the lady who made such an impact on all our lives, we’re also creating awareness for breast cancer. I know that she is shining down on all of us. She wanted this more than anything.”

Upholding its corporate culture of compassion and dedication to putting people first, Talk Fusion celebrated Beverly’s humility and strength throughout her ongoing battle with cancer. From video emails sent with love to generous donations that supported the payment of her medical bills, Beverly knew she was not alone.

Blue Diamond Yasuko Takakura of Japan– a courageous breast cancer survivor herself–was profoundly moved and brought to tears as she experienced the tribute ceremony. Yasuko is no stranger to medical bills–thanks to Instant Pay, her Talk Fusion business funded the cancer treatments that saved her life.

To her surprise, Yasuko was presented with the Spirit & Hope Award that evening. She was praised for her positive spirit and hope for her team, which Allison said “motivates and drives everyone at Talk Fusion every single day.”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” Bill Monical said, holding back tears. “This company has heart and soul. Loving, giving–everything we’re supposed to be.” He then turned to the Associates: “You all are in a special place. Cherish it.”

“Always savor our family, right? That’s what life is all about,” Bob Reina told the Associates. “No matter what Beverly’s circumstances were, she always tried to be an inspiration to others. She faced adversity with dignity and class, and that’s a sign of a real person. Keep that in mind as we move forward. Pull harder for others than for yourself; reach out for those who need it. Be more gentle and more kind than ever before.”


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