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You find the Momentum page here

On popular demand, our developers have put the Direct Selling Companies Momentum page online.

The page refresh daily, and will be integrated in our Direct Selling News App.

What is Momentum? Momentum is the magic of Direct Selling – MLM – Network Marketing.  The Holy Grail.

You need a lot of Momentum in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose….

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Professionals are looking for momentum to join a new opportunity when they are in the market for a career switch.

Corporate executives or field leaders can create momentum. It represents that important element which transforms individuals, groups, and teams into that unstoppable force. Distributor groups are growing fast and are very successfull. It can happen when:

  • A new company or product(s) launches.
  • Successfull corporate executive or field leaders are coming in.
  • New countries are opening.
  • (International) conventions are held.

We have compiled this momentum list based on a number of key metrics, such as

and a number of undisclosed indicators as we do not want copy cats steal our exclusive momentum algorithm ?

We do not endorse any company, we just put a thermometer in the buzz. That are the:

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks – Top 200

You find the Momentum page here

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