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Gary McSween, imarkets live


iMarkets Live proud to share about one of our new team leaders: Gary McSween, a young engineer was introduced to the industry of network marketing in 2011.

In just two short year, he was awarded “Rookie of the Year.” This award was bestowed to one who had achieved exponential growth and quick acceleration in a short amount of time within the organization.

McSween went on to build a sales and marketing organization of well over 4,000 customers and IBOs in over 15 countries including, Nigeria, U.S.A, Canada, Ireland, Russia, London, Netherlands and several Caribbean islands, with annual sales of $1.7 million dollars.

McSween soon decided to make a career change and resigned his six-figure job to become a Home-Office Entreprenuer full-time. Gary soon found one of the greatest roles he had assumed as full-time sales professional is coaching and mentoring leaders within his organisation across the world.

In 2016, McSween partnered with iMarkets Live, a Forex & Trading organization. McSween notes, “I love the fact that we (IML) are offering the average person an opportunity to learn and tap into the largest liquid financial market in the world of Forex & Future Trading (5.3 trillion dollar per day industry) at a very affordable price.

I love that, CEO Christopher Terry has made iMarkets Live customer focused, which brings real value through technology and live coaching that work.” I want to thank Alex Morton our EVP of Sales for working with worldwide team and making it possible for us to experience great success at IML.

Alex Morton brings a wealth of experience and excitement to the movement of iMarketsLive Within 38 days of partnering with iMarkets Live, McSween, through his own hard work and the hard work of his sales organization is breaking record once more. He had accelerated within the organisation to the company’s rank of Chairman10 with a subscription base of 500 customers and a growing team of IBOs.

He didn't step back and take a rest, instead he pushed even harder and within a 90 days achieved the rank of Chairman 25 with a sales and marketing organization of around 1,250 customers and sales volumes of over $200,000.

He now isn't just mentoring other sales leaders on his team, he is been able to help dozens of successful customers profit from the services and educstion offered through iMarkets Live. Through his continued coaching and mentorship his team had now helped over 25 leaders grow their own sales and marketing organizations to 1000- $10,000 of residual sales commissions per month.

For 2017, this young entrepreneur’s goal is to help develop a strong base of IML Subscribers of 9,000 traders and customers who can successfully profit from the foreign exchange market and to develop 30 Chairman 10's within his international sales and marketing organization.

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iMarketsLive provides a full array of retail trading products and services to a global audience for those who want to participate in the Forex & Futures Markets. iMarketsLive’s services include a Live Educational Services, Hands Free Mirror Trading as well as a Robotic Trade Scanner and other amazing services.

iMarketsLive has a bundled their products/services with a Network Marketing compensation plan that allows its IBO’s to earn a generous income by simply sharing their services with others and building a residual income though building a network of IBO’s and customers. For more information please visit

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