Ivan Sorokin And Natalia Sorokina Achieve Premier Rank At Global Intellect Service

Ivan Sorokin and Natalia Sorokina Achieve Premier Rank At Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for business and life. It has already established a firm position in the Russian and international markets.

UDS Game is it’s flagship product.

Behind the success of Global Intellect Service there is a great team – a team of passionate professionals.

Ivan Sorokin and Natalia Sorokina are business partners of Global Intellect Service and holders of the first-line position in the company management structure.

The Sorokins have been rewarded with

“The best partners of the year award”

They are also honorary members of the Millionaires club of the company.

Natalia and Ivan present a board of Top leaders as they have already reached the highest levels and today they generously want to share their experiences

Ivan and Natalia joined the team of Global Intellect Service at the moment of its establishment.. We have had a chance to talk to Natalia Sorokina. So, she has kindly told us about the main aspects of her business activities:

How long ago did you join the team and how did it happen that your life is closely linked to Global Intellect Service?

Natalia: CEO Viacheslav Ushenin was the one who told us about Global Intellect Service.

We do share his business vision and concepts. There is no doubt, if Viacheslav is in charge of the project, he will make it ambitious and successful anyway.

However, I would lie if I said that we discovered some incredibly cool product. No, at that the beginning serious modifications were required.

But there were 2 key reasons that kept us and gave us an idea that this is a great project. First of all, it was our own vision to develop the GIS. We realized that if you want more development in business, then you need a product that has a potential for scaling up.

The second reason is our trust in Viacheslav.

Sometimes a good project can fail if non-professional leader is in charge. It’s a fact. And absolutely the same thing happens when a skillful professional runs a bad project.

What is the main difficulty of the business?

Me and Ivan have started this business a long time ago; thus, we don’t have any difficulties. I’d prefer to say there are plenty of pitfalls that help you in developing new skills and in creating a better and stronger version of you.

Among the most valuable skills there are emotional stability and self-discipline. You will also learn how to break out your comfort zone and live in harmony with yourself and others. Self-discipline is extremely important when work turns into a daily routine.

Remember, when the first stage of enthusiasm is gone, it’s time to move on and look for new opportunities and goals. As they say “a tiger with a full stomach is not a hunter anymore”.

The same thing happens in our business. Once you achieve material goals you’re feeling relaxed and it seems that you’ve already achieved your maximum results. This is a moment when you feel ‘your stomach is full’.

In moments like these it’s extremely important to change your environment and life standards. It will help you turn your finish point into a new start. Keep it always in your mind!

A lot of my colleagues work non-stop; but for me it’s essential to keep a balance between work and life. We don’t live to work, we work to live.

You and Ivan are business partners. Do you divide responsibilities and how?

No, we don’t divide any responsibilities. We wanted to become super soldiers who knows how to do everything themselves. However, after some time we understood that each of us has strong points and ‘super powers’.

For example, I can be good both in arranging events and speaking to large audiences. Ivan knows how to negotiate and resolve conflicts.

We do have one principle:

Stay cool and calm when working! Do just the things that you can do.

So, as you see we don’t divide responsibilities but each of us is doing the type of work that brings him joy and satisfaction. It’s good when you understand strong points of your partner and you can provide him support when it’s necessary. Try to find out your super powers as well as your partner’s.

What are you inspired by and what are the things that help you in achieving mind-blowing results?

All of us play different roles and each of these roles is inspired by different things. However, the core values of life and my greatest inspiration comes from people! First of all, it comes from the CEO of our company: Viacheslav Ushenin. We are inspired with his targets, ideas, thoughts, broad vision, the number of books that he reads – No one can really guess when he is doing it.

Secondly, I’m getting inspired by work of my colleagues who have already become my friends. And, of course, I’m inspired by our team that keeps on achieving high results. When I see how people around me are changing, how their standards, knowledge level and the quality of life are improving – it gives me SO MUCH inspiration!

About Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for business and life. Our brand is built on 3 pillars which are another advertisement, supply & demand, marketing mix.

We use implementation of referral marketing to traditional business as an alternative to advertising. Our mobile app aimed to unify a great number of end customers and suppliers. Combination of marketing instruments helps our clients simplify the process of communication with their customers.

For more information please visit our official website: www.udsgame.com

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