Top Leaders Holton Buggs vs. Enes Olgun Verbal Fight In Turkey – Leaked IQ Chain Video

Top Leaders  Holton Buggs vs. Enes Olgun Verbal Fight - Leaked IQ Chain Video

IQ – Chain and Holton Buggs held yesterday a secret recruitment meeting in Istanbul – Turkey and Enes Olgun was invited.

It is a fierce battle between two network marketing giants, a cat fight about crypto currency, John Barksdale, scams and legislation.

Enes Olgun is one of the top leaders in the Middle East. He was the leader able to bring close to 9,000+ distributors to Eric Worre’s presentation in Turkey. That was Enes’ downline and not a corporate event. Enes is nowadays Jeunesse distributor and wanted to protect his team from this attack.

The video start with Enes Olgun’s questions to Holton Buggs being translated from Turkish in English, later on in the video Enes is speaking english.

At the end Holton Buggs asked Enes Olgun to leave the meeting and Enes refuses.



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