ibüümerang Announces Incentive Trips As Over 500 Reps Gather In Mexico’s Riviera Maya

ibüümerang Announces Incentive trips As Over 500 Reps Gather In Mexico’s Riviera Maya

ibüümerang continues to send shock waves throughout the network marketing industry. Founded by its Chairman and CEO Holton Buggs, the company is barely 60 days old.

Within those two short months, ibüümerang has established a philosophy of financial freedom and empowerment that encourages dreaming big, getting out of debt, living passionately and giving back to those in need.

More than 500 ibüümerang Travel Savings Ambassadors (TSA’s) traveled together to one of the most beautiful beach locations in the world. Situated just south of Cancun sits the Riviera Maya, long considered an iconic destination for both Mayan history buffs and sun worshippers.

The magnificent tropical oasis known as the El Dorado Royale and Casitas played host, and from the opening Beachside Reception and Cocktail Party to the closing Farewell Gala and Dinner, it was a dream experience for all who attended.

Holton Buggs wanted to be clear from the very beginning, saying,

“Travel isn’t just something we talk about. It’s not something we just dream about. It’s what we DO! And this is only the beginning. What’s coming in just a few short months will be more impactful than anything we have done to date!”

Indeed, the announcements that followed from the ibüümerang CEO had an immediate effect on those in attendance. Amidst the glorious luxury and wind-blown palm trees, Mr. Buggs also shared the upcoming incentive trips with all those present.

ibüümerang Event In Mexico’s Riviera Maya

ibüümerang TSA’s who qualify as Sapphire between May and December will be invited to a luxury retreat. For those who rank as Sapphires in North America and South America, the destination will be Costa Rica; for the Sapphires in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, the luxury retreat destination will be Morocco. ibüümerang expects approximately 1,000 TSA’s to qualify as Sapphire.

Committed to making the ibüümerang Diamond lifestyle the #1 Lifestyle in the world, Mr. Buggs announced a Diamond Retreat. Few destinations around the globe have the mystique, luxury and aura as Dubai, and when the name of the city was announced, the entire audience was floored. Immediately, the #DiamondsinDubai campaign went viral throughout the company.

This year, Buggs expects around 70 TSA’s to qualify as Diamond and looks forward to gathering together for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime in Dubai.

About ibüümerang

Launched in March 2019, ibüümerang is fast becoming a global leader in the travel and direct selling space. The mission of ibüümerang is simple: deliver good will in the form of travel savings and reward our Travel Savings Ambassadors (TSAs) with travel savings bonuses in cash. The vision is to create a consumer centric model focusing on an exceptional customer journey and experience.

By creating a worldwide movement of TSAs, we will empower people from all around the globe to live life to the fullest, earn residual income via the PRIB™ (Perpetual Residual Income Builder) and leave a legacy to future generations.

For more information on ibüümerang, its Chairman and CEO Holton Buggs, its top tier executive team and its revolutionary travel program, please visit the company website at www.ibuumerang.com.

Get more information, facts and figures about iBuumerang, click here for the iBuumerang overview.

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  1. This is what we’ve waited for!! I thank God that these to visionaries, David Manning and Holton Buggs have joined forces!! It’s a blessing to all of us who believe!!

  2. My husband and I had an an amazing time with our iBuumerang family in Cancun Mexico. We are definitely looking forward to qualifying for the incentives.

  3. Ibuumerang has Elvolved N 2 #14N the industry of Networking w David Manning and Holton Buggs st the elm we R # Just Different w Giving our non profit feeding Chlidren w Peter Hirsch come and join the 42000 customers and TSAs throwing out Good will ?????

  4. I am extremely excited about this new chapter of my travel business. I share a FREE travel site to a customer, get rewarded back in cash savings and give meals to our non profit feeding children in Africa all at one click!!

  5. This was certainly a magical event. This was my second time at this resort with Xstream but coming back with Ibuumerang and Xstream just made it a magical time. We all had a wonderful time. Thank you Mr Buggs Mr Manning and of course Lori Speers!!!

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  6. Anyone wants to join this wonderful company please contact me through watsap number +255788577461

    or join through hplatnumz1.ibuumerang.com.
    I have leaders in South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, India, Tanzania and Nigeria.

  7. Quand un chef de vision et succès inégalé fonde un concept révolutionnaire tel que l’a fait Holton Buggs, tu as envie de faire partie de ce succès, apprendre du meilleur et gagner en faisant économiser tous les voyageurs du monde. empire24k.ibuumerang.com

  8. Lovely leadership training on zoom with fellow leaders around the world in ibuumerang.

    I’m so excited about this business.

    Thanks to the founders of this great company and thanks to our leaders for the Amazing job opportunity and Also thanks to every member in my team, we are heading somewhere great.
    Please contact tobecome financially free ???????Whatsap +33766002584

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