MLM Leader Susan Phiri From South Africa Joins QuiAri

MLM Leader Susan Phiri From South Africa Joins QuiAri

QuiAri Promoter, Susan Phiri from South Africa decided to join because QuiAri’s mission aligns with her lifelong passion for helping people live better lives.

“Before joining the MLM industry, I worked for an American ministry in South Africa. I found the direct sales industry as a way to earn extra money and put it towards my dream of one day opening an orphanage. I’m so happy to have found QuiAri. Now I can help people get healthy with the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge and still save money for my ultimate goal of helping poor, abandoned children in the process,”

stated Susan Phiri.

For Susan, QuiAri was love at first taste. She received samples from a friend in Tanzania and was eager to try the shake and energy tablet.  When Susan took her first sip of chocolate shake, she was amazed.

“The Shake was so delicious and refreshing and the Energy tablet was great too! I felt lighter, and even more powerful. I was able to play with my grandchildren longer without getting tired. It made me think about my priorities in life. I want to be around long enough to see them grow up, and by accepting the Challenge, QuiAri products help me feel my best so I can spend quality time with them,”

said Susan Phiri.

 Immediately after sampling QuiAri products, Susan wanted to become a Promoter. She knew a lot of people struggling with weight loss and energy that would love to try products that actually worked! As a Promoter, she has the chance to earn Same Day Pay  –  that’s commissions paid within 5 minutes after each sale.  She admits that Same Day Pay is really helping her business grow as no other company in South Africa, or the entire health and wellness industry, offers payment that fast.

“QuiAri’s executive leadership team is full of compassionate people. CEO and Founder of QuiAri, Bob Reina, is on a mission to help people improve their health and wealth and is doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Just look at the groundbreaking benefits available to Promoters –  Same Day Pay, exclusive products with the world’s new #1 superfruit, maqui, state-of-the-art Back Office and mobile app technology, and more. I go into presentations and tasting parties with confidence knowing that I have all the tools needed to succeed,”

said Susan Phiri.

In just 5 months time, Bob Reina is well on his way to building QuiAri into the #1 global health and wellness company. Testimonials have been pouring in from people conquering the Challenge and losing weight and gaining energy. Bob has traveled to South Africa many times and is confident in Susan’s ability to help  spread the word about the Challenge.

“Susan has been a tremendous help in getting QuiAri off the ground in South Africa. We’re actually getting ready to open an office there very soon. Her level of compassion and generosity is an inspiration to all QuiAri Promoters and reminds us how important it is to stay active in your community and give back whenever possible.”

said QuiAri CEO and Founder, Bob Reina.

Susan is 100% focused on promoting the Kickstart Challenge. She doesn’t see QuiAri as a side-hustle, but predicts this will be a massive opportunity to change the lives of many South Africans and those throughout the world. According to, a 2018 study showed that 70% of South African women and 39% of men are overweight and South Africa is not the only country facing health issues.

QuiAri is promoting the Kickstart Challenge as a solution to help people struggling with weight loss and energy worldwide. That’s why they are the fastest growing health and wellness company in the world and on a path to becoming the next  billion-dollar brand. Susan  finds QuiAri to be more accessible than other companies she has joined in the past. It has been much easier for her to tap into their global support system and get immediate results.

“QuiAri has created a support system like no other.  If I have a question or just need inspiration, I can easily reach out to my sponsor, but also any Promoter worldwide. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you build your business. In addition to earning money towards my orphanage, I’ve been building meaningful friendships that will last forever. Every day I wake up and look forward to promoting the Challenge. It’s an amazing feeling,”

said Susan Phiri.

About QuiAri

QuiAri provides life-changing opportunities that empower people to feel their best so they can live their best. Their breakthrough health and wellness products are made from an exclusive extract of the maqui berry, the world’s new number 1 superfruit. Plus, QuiAri offers opportunities to receive Same Day Pay just by sharing their products with others. Try. Love. Share!

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