MLM Leader Lukie Ndlovu From South Africa Joins QuiAri

MLM Leader Lukie Ndlovu From South Africa Joins QuiAri

Lukie Ndlovu, a QuiAri Promoter from South Africa, has been in the MLM industry since 2001. Her first experience with QuiAri Shake and Energy occurred days after joining the company.

“As soon as I heard Bob Reina was the CEO and Founder of QuiAri, I couldn’t wait to join. He has a reputation in the network marketing industry for being innovative, goal-driven, and an incredible leader. I tried the products shortly after joining and, as expected, they blew me away! Both the chocolate and vanilla shakes taste just like my favorite ice cream, Tin Roof. This only reaffirmed my decision to join QuiAri,”

stated QuiAri Promoter Lukie Ndlovu.

Bob Reina is one of the most recognized names in direct sales and is known for being an innovator. His products have revolutionized several industries in the MLM world with state-of-the-art products and a generous compensation plan.

“I’m thrilled to have Lukie helping us in South Africa. She’s a terrific leader and so passionate about the products and our business. We have a QuiAri office located in Johannesburg that is opening very soon. This is going to be a tremendous resource for Lukie and many other South African Promoters. We’ll be able to offer faster, less expensive shipping, making our Kickstart Challenge products more accessible throughout the country,

stated CEO and Founder, Bob Reina.

Excitement throughout South Africa and the rest of the world is happening at record speeds. Lukie is encouraging everyone she knows to join QuiAri now, especially since they are the only health and wellness company in the world with Same Day Pay. Promoters get paid commissions within 5 minutes of each sale. To Lukie and many other South Africans, this is much-appreciated benefit. According to the Alberton Record, in 2019 over 56% of South Africans were living below the poverty line.

“In South Africa, Promoters just can’t wait weeks or months to get paid. QuiAri’s Same Day Pay rewards them instantly and is so user-friendly. The money just appears on your QuiAri debit card or in your bank account after you make a sale.  I’m seeing more of my team taking ownership and driving their business to success, which I believe is the result of outstanding leadership and support coming from corporate and Same Day Pay,”

said Lukie Ndlvou.

Additionally, QuiAri products contain the maqui berry, the world’s new #1 superfruit, and  a proprietary, super-concentrated organic extract, MaquiX®, which boosts the power of the maqui berry up to 10 times. No other products in the world contain MaquiX®, which provides QuiAri Promoters with a strong value proposition.

“Health is our greatest asset. Everything else is secondary. It’s up to our Promoters to inform the world about the Kickstart Challenge and how QuiAri products can potentially help improve a person’s health in as little as 90 days. My team has been diligent in raising awareness about these amazing products and sharing the QuiAri opportunity,” said Lukie Ndlvou.

Lukie is excited to see QuiAri expanding their global footprint in South Africa.  She is deeply connected to her community. Prior to joining the MLM industry, she was a baker, a teacher, and worked 9-to-5 in various retail jobs., Lukie said there are many people she knows  searching for a solution to improve their health and wealth.

“I know what the struggle feels like, and I can teach people how to break free from living paycheck to paycheck. At first I joined the business to give me time freedom to be with my family, but I’ve gotten so much more out of it. I’ve learned how to be a leader, to embrace global diversity, and understand business from the point of view of a business owner.


I’m grateful to have found QuiAri because it has some of the best resources and infrastructure I’ve ever seen and the products and opportunity are changing lives. I’ve never felt this appreciated and empowered at any company in my career,” stated Lukie Ndlovu.

About QuiAri

QuiAri provides life-changing opportunities that empower people to feel their best so they can live their best. Their breakthrough health and wellness products are made from an exclusive extract of the maqui berry, the world’s new number 1 superfruit. Plus, QuiAri offers opportunities to receive Same Day Pay just by sharing their products with others. Try. Love. Share!

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