Uforia Science Under Siege, Top Leaders Leaving The Company

Uforia Science Under Siege, Top Leaders Leaving The Company

In March, Uforia Science led by Ron Williams and Mavie lead by Abboud Barakat announced a merger. That merger did not work out. Since that time Uforia Science, with Terry Lacore as investor on the background-  has lost several top leaders.

This week power couple Travis Flaherty and Summer Flaherty left the company,.

Travis Flaherty stated on his Facebook:

It’s been a crazy couple of days! It’s been a roller coaster of emotions as we say goodbye to a company we helped pioneer. Yet, the excitement and over-whelming support we’ve had for our new direction has been overwhelming.

While some may have their opinions of us starting a new opportunity.  This is our journey and we have to follow our own unique path. We didn’t get to where are today by worrying about other people’s opinions. Nor are we about to start now.

The reality is we love the creation process. We’ve been labeled as “start up specialists” in this industry because we are good at it, we have made a career out of it and love what we do!

The past few days, we have experienced all that is expected from a top earner of a company leaving. (We could write a book on this topic alone. lol.)

  • We  have been betrayed by people that we considered to be “loyal” friends.
  • Despite our best efforts to honor the P&P’s and communicate our plans and negotiate a peaceful transition, we were suspended without income.

We have been verbally attacked and even had our lives threatened, by a so called “friend.” I put the call on speaker (So Summer could listen) and had a former business partner start crazily screaming threats of coming to our home to kill my wife and I. Sadly, my children heard the call and have been having nightmares ever since.

  • We were the subject of a carefully orchestrated “emergency call,” where deliberate lies and half truths were told about us, to slander our character. All in an effort to control (spin) a narrative.
  • Even today, the company CEO took shots at us on a national webinar. Isn’t it funny, only weeks prior they were inviting us to give a keynote at the convention. Now we are demonized because we wanted to add a secondary income stream.
  • We’ve been threatened with lawsuits.

And the list goes on and on. On the other hand..

We have also had hundreds of people reach out about our new direction. Many of our friends and colleagues have called, texted and emailed to share messages of encouragement, prayers and their love with us….THANK YOU! 🙂

(P.S. If you have reached out please know we are being bombarded at the moment and we will get back to you ASAP. Please feel free to reach out again – as I may have missed your message. (And if you are currently in Uforia we cannot talk with you unless you are our personal recruit.)

To date, this has been the most successful launch we’ve experienced in our 16 year career in network marketing.  Life has taught us a few important and valuable lessons when it comes to matters such as these:

  • The right people, who are meant to be with you at this stage of your life, will make themselves known to you.
  • You can’t make everyone happy and if you try, it’s a sure fire recipe to fail.
  • You have to be true to your heart and follow your own path. People will aways have opinions on your decision because they are not courageous enough to act on their opinions.
  • Fear makes people do and say stupid things. Usually, the person shooting the arrows has something they are afraid of losing.  (Unfortunately, what they don’t understand is you can’t be on the side of God when you are doing the devils deeds and harboring hate and anger.)
  • In every situation, such as this, there is always a “Judas” among the crowd. (Usually, it’s the ones you have done the most for.)
  • Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.

Summer and I are choosing to rise above the drama. We will continue to focus on the excitement and positivity of our new path. ✨  We are choosing not to look back because we are definitely not going in that direction.

Sending much love to all of you who continue to support Summer and I on our journey. We truly do love and appreciate you!

To our haters, please take a seat and get ready for the show! We have SO MUCH more in store for you to gossip about.

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