Hülsa Wellness Names Network Marketing Leader Joe Licciardi As Executive VP Of Sales

Hülsa®, a premium Critical Cannabinoid™ wellness and beauty company featuring BiBong® formulations, announced that Joe Licciardi has joined their team as Executive Vice President of Sales. Licciardi made a name for himself in the Direct Sales industry in 2007 when he achieved the rank of Black Diamond and quickly became one of the top 10 income earners in a billion dollar company.

Licciardi’s leadership in Direct Sales created a multi-million dollar income for himself and his family while assisting 13 individuals in creating their own seven-figure incomes, and dozens of additional individuals in creating healthy six-figure incomes as well. Throughout his journey, Licciardi learned the power of implementing proven systems which were designed for duplication and success. This experience laid the foundation for the mentor-based training and proven systems he teaches at Hülsa today.

Licciardi said:

“I am honored to join the Hülsa team in its mission to enhance lives by bringing people cutting-edge wellness and life-transforming rewards. One of the most rewarding things I’ve done throughout my career is helping people reach their full potential and see their dreams become a reality.


I am excited to personally mentor our Brand Partners and guide them on a proven path to success that I believe they deserve. With hard work, determination, and implementation of proven systems and tools, I believe everyone at Hülsa can achieve their dreams!”

Liccardi continued by describing his personal journey in the industry. How he initially failed several times until he was shown how to set the right kind of goals and utilize proven systems and tools to become one of the most successful distributors in the industry. He shared his process for setting goals and creating vision boards and although he appreciated achieving all the goals he set for himself, his desire for achievement would soon take on new meaning after a tragedy struck his family at the end of 2015.

On the tragedy, Joe shared:

“I learned that I could take the same focus and goal setting tools that I learned in network marketing and utilize them for my family. The tragedy, which has since turned into triumph, also highlighted the critical importance of financial freedom and time freedom.


I came to realize just how synonymous the two were. Without those two freedoms, we would have never been able to accomplish all that we have. It’s incredibly rewarding knowing that what I teach our Brand Partners today will not only benefit their businesses, but properly applied, can benefit every part of their lives as well.”

Hülsa’s President David Berck shared:

“Joe Licciardi has an incredible reputation in this industry built on integrity, trust, hard work, and success. He is deeply passionate about helping our Brand Partners succeed and has a unique ability to draw the best out of them. Helping people succeed is personal to him and I really value that. Our Brand Partners aren’t just a number to him. They matter, their dreams matter, and he works tirelessly to empower them to achieve all that is in their hearts and more. He is a perfect fit for this role and we’re honored to have him on the team.”

This announcement comes after recent major news that JBK Wellness Labs Founder Dr. Jenelle Kim, Network Marketing Expert Jeff Rogers, and Wellness Advocate and Master Distributor Karen Boger have all also joined the Hülsa team.

About Hülsa Wellness

Colorado-based Hülsa Wellness Critical Cannabinoid™ wellness and beauty products are distributed through a direct sales model. Each Hülsa product is meticulously crafted using the highest-quality botanical ingredients infused with CBD-rich Critical Cannabinoids™ to deliver a truly clean wellness experience.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for sharing the benefits of not just CBD, but other essential cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, Hülsa ushers in a new era of self-care with rigorously tested, obsessively transparent, and flawlessly elegant cannabinoid offerings. Hülsa empowers its Brand Partners (direct-sales representatives) with a generous compensation plan, technology-driven tools, and an abundance of resources for their success.

Hülsa products range from daily wellness endocannabinoid support to topical skincare products, sleep aids and more with expanded offerings coming soon.  For more information please visit www.Hulsawellness.com.


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