Kristin Bailey Achieves Elite Pro 7 Ranking With LifeVantage

Mother of Two Kristin Bailey Overcomes Adversity and Attains Elite Pro 7 Ranking with LifeVantage

Kristin Bailey, who just achieved the Elite Pro 7 ranking with LifeVantage, reflects on her experiences with gratitude.

​“It’s been the most significant blessing in my life besides my children, friends, and family. Really, it saved my life––my health and wellness, wealth, and financial state are all a result of working with LifeVantage.” ​*

When Kristin was introduced to LifeVantage a little over 3 years ago, she felt increasingly desperate about her circumstances. The California native worked in the field of early intervention for children with developmental disabilities, but in a twist of irony, she recognized signs of autism in her own son, Grant, when he was 2 years old. At the time, Kristin was going through a difficult divorce, and suddenly what had worked before was no longer sustainable.

She couldn’t work during the day because she needed to support her son, so she began bartending at night and personal training in the early morning hours, picking her son up from her mother’s home afterwards to spend the day with him. She maintained this delicate balance with tenacity until a rib injury threw her out of commission. Suddenly she could no longer work either of her jobs.

Left without a backup plan, Kristin was searching for some way to support herself and her son while still being present for him. At first, she was skeptical when a dear friend suggested she try Protandim®. ​

“I only said yes because I was saying yes to her,”​ Kristin confesses. ​“I support my friends, but I never thought I’d get involved in direct sales.”

However, after 2 months, Kristin’s enthusiasm for the product led her to take the leap and become a Distributor. ​“I wanted to share this with the people I love,”​ she says.

​“I don’t think of this as selling––we are sharing, and I don’t know where I’d be today if someone hadn’t shared with me.”

Kristin kept a sticky note in her office that she still has today. Written on it are the words, “You can do this!” Reflecting on those early days with LifeVantage, Kristin says, ​“I did it all for Grant. He is my ‘why.’”​ Within her first 90 days, she had enrolled 176 customers, and in 5 months, she had attained Premier Pro 5 ranking.

“So many people get in their own way,”​ she says. ​“I didn’t have that option. I had to pay my mortgage. I had to do this for my son and myself.”

Kristin’s drive to succeed continues to keep her going through the ups and downs of life. In the last 3 years she has given birth to another son, Preston, gotten engaged, and, like so many, seen major life changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Income loss from the pandemic and the need to support Grant through distance learning have both been huge burdens, but because of LifeVantage, her family has been able to keep their heads above water and Kristin has been able to fulfill her top priority: being a mom.

“Being able to have this work and flexibility, with the amazing people I get to work with, is like a dream for me,”​ she says. “​Having more time to spend with my boys and not running to punch a clock has been so important for our family.”

Putting herself out there hasn’t always been easy for Kristin––she’s had to push her insecurities aside, show up for her team and customers, and put in the time, work, and dedication to fulfill her goals. However, she attributes much of her success to her team and the support she’s received.

“It takes a tribe,”​ she says, speaking fondly of team events and relationships. ​“I have to attribute 90% of my success to my team. We’re always laughing; it’s like a family reunion when we get together for events. The only one I’ve missed is when I was having Preston.”

It’s clear Kristin has a strong focus on serving people; when asked how others can achieve what she has, she says,

​“You have to really love on your people. They’re not buying the product, they’re buying us. You have to be able to stand behind your name and your product.”

To others hoping to follow in Kristin’s footsteps, she shares encouraging words. She strongly recommends attending events, surrounding yourself with team members you enjoy being around, and staying plugged in to the LifeVantage community.

“​Don’t give up, stay consistent, and keep laughing,”​ she advises. ​“The sky is the limit. I never thought this was going to take me where it has taken me. I think it’s possible for anyone.”

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