Dimitrios Gakis Achieves Prime Ambassador Rank At ASCIRA

Leading by example Prime Ambassador Dimitrios Gakis

Dimitrios Gakis believes that there are no short cuts to success. Rather it is the result of consistent effort and focus each and every day by working and adopting the company’s system. It also requires daily contact with associates and taking responsibility for the accomplishment of the goals.

As one of the only two Prime Ambassadors of ASCIRA Global and the highest income earner of the year, Gakis should know. He claims the biggest influence in is life was his father who taught him to pay attention to the important things in life that have value, how not to deal harshly with other people but to be fair and just, to have faith and confidence and strive for the best.

“He taught me the value of loyalty and how to have a positive attitude to other people and life itself. I am trying to pass these virtues to others the way they were passed to me; to lead by example,” he says.

The mentor and apprentice

With more than 15 years of experience in sales in different companies, including a stint as the manager for the reputed Benjamin Moore in Greece, Gakis felt his life was very predictable and moved through narrow boundaries. Searching for alternative job, he got involved with network marketing and saw the opportunity realizing his dreams and was satisfied with what he was doing.

“I attended different trainings and seminars and imbibed everything through experience. And I realized that the key to any successful sale is to believe in your product,” Dimitri says.

Having achieved moderate success in network marketing, the big turned around in his life came when he met John Sachtouras 18 years ago.

Dimitrios Gakis and CEO John Sachtouras

“He became my business partner, my mentor, and most important my friend. I observed the way he worked, dealt with other people and most importantly how he was with himself. He taught me that I need to do more than I had in my mind, not only for myself, but also for the people close to me. One thing is for certain that I owe him a lot for who I am today, for what I have accomplished and for I will accomplish in the upcoming years.”

Soon he decided to join ASCIRA because he was blown away and inspired by the vision Sachtouras. The thing that won him over at ASCIRA is the philosophy and mission to give to everyone, everywhere, all those necessary and important services to help them evolve and become better person. Furthermore, ASCIRA has an amazing organization, flawless design and with the correct handling, making it capable of building a better and stronger financial future.


“We have an extraordinary chance to use a company that will only help us move forward but is focused on giving many great benefits to people. In my opinion it is the best choice for everyone to have whatever they want, to advance, to evolve and accomplish great things in his life.’”

Life lessons

One of the biggest dictums Gakis emulates is that everything is possible; even when all factors around you seem negative and discouraging.

“I joined ASCIRA when the global fear of COVID-19 made us to shut down everything and the choices was either to keep going with the tools I had in hand (online presentations), or just give up and stop everything. My faith just got stronger from the hard times we were having. I firmly believe that with everyone willing to work and be part of the making of this big bream and vision of ASCIRA a reality, can change many lives.”


ASCIRA is a subscription-based company that offers personal development through a variety of online digital products.

It targets to create a social lifestyle community of beyond a billion people around the world and provide them the best diversified knowledge available. Launched in Dubai in MARCH 2020, ASCIRA aims to become a global leader in the field of education, direct sales industry. From more information please visit www.asciraglobal.com


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