UR Worth IT Launched By Top Leaders Chris And Debbie Atkinson

Chris and Debbie Atkinson from the USA are former Ambit Energy top earners and launched network marketing company UR Worth IT.

Chris Atkinson founder and CEO stated,

On March 17th 2021 we introduced four products:

  • UR Energized is our energy capsule
  • UR Slumber Party is our sleep aid
  • UR Vitality is our multi vitamin
  • UR Physique Enhancer is our weight management supplement

In our first 30 days we did over $1 Million in sales and we know the best is still to be.

We have a simple belief and motto: ” People Helping People, One Family-One Team-One Dream”

Upon launch we decided to start in the USA and Canada, however we are already in the planning stages to add additional countries this year.

As we started our Company we knew the core must be solid, so we began with true down to earth individuals. Some with MLM experience and some with none, that mixture has created such a fun, new and supportive atmosphere that it really does show and Debbie and I could not be prouder of everything that is taking place.

Our customer testimonials have begun to take us by storm with such positive feedback from our taste and flavors to magnificent results and accomplishments.

We look forward to our future and as always we will continue to Help People.

About UR Worth IT

The UR Worth It is building a premium lifestyle brand to help people take charge of their physiology and their futures. We want to reward you for being a part of our Mitoprime (or cellular or wellness) revolution. Our generous compensation plan includes nine ways to get paid. We have a powerful suite of products and we’re just getting started! We have a strong leadership team with a global vision. For more informtion please visit www.urworthit.com

Get more information, facts and figures about UR Worth IT, click here for the UR Worth IT overview.

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