Antonio De Rosa “Design In MLM Is Crucial”

We all know how MLM and its industry are changing in these late years.

Millennials and Generation Z are entirely rewriting Network Marketing, and Design, marketing, and communication play a crucial role in this journey.

It’s not easy to find a professional that spent almost the entire career in MLM, entirely behind the curtain. That’s Antonio De Rosa‘s case.

For 25 years, Antonio and ADR Studio worked in Design, marketing, and communication, almost always for network marketing companies. We avoid mentioning them; just visit the portfolio on the site to read very respectful names.

In fact, ADR Studio is currently one of the very few design studios specializing in network marketing, thanks to its staff of people who worked in the industry for at least ten years.

The same CEO, Antonio De Rosa, has covered prestigious charges in numerous companies before returning to devote himself soul and body to ADR Studio.

“In my career,” tells us Antonio, “Network Marketing was a real gym. In this sector, I found the approaches and direct relationship with people.”

How did you know MLM?

“I started working for MLM companies when I was 18. I switched from being a simple graphic designer to perhaps the first Chief Designer Officer in the history of network marketing.

I abandoned the network for a few years, but the experience he had given me allowed me to win the CES of Las Vegas for two years in a row in 2014 and 2015, with an innovative product son of the way of thinking that the network gave to me. When I returned, I was more fierce than before, and in fact, one of the products I designed was awarded in 2017 as the best Direct Selling product by Business for Home itself. ”

What role has Design in MLM now?

“I would dare say crucial. If up to a few years ago it was possible to think of a network marketing company differently than traditional companies, now the approach is more than ever unified. To compete, you need to know how to create integrated, effective communication, which embraces Design in every detail.”

Where is Design essential in MLM?

“Everywhere. From the brand to packaging, from how a newsletter is created to a Funnel for the prospects, your web page, social accounts … Everything needs a unique setting that reflects the values ​​of the company.”

For a Design firm, why is MLM Company different from a traditional customer?

“The basic needs are the same, but the response times, the ways of communicating, the importance of the figure of the distributor or language and psychology to be applied when talking about the product, constitute something that you can master only after years of experience.”

What would you change in the MLM now?

“I would trust the values. The pandemic has changed the perception of things, and we will hear the shock wave for a long time. For this reason, network marketing, made by people for the people, must drive this change. People struggle to find a job; a company capable of speaking directly to people through its values will surely have a competitive advantage.”

What do you want to say to the Business for Home readers?

“To trust Network Marketing, the one made with the fundamental values, because it is a system that can really make a difference. And, if you should need us at ADR Studio, we are available! If you visit our website you can appreciate the work we are doing for this industry. ”

About AD Studio design

ADR Studio is a collective of high-level professionals with competencies and expertise in several fields. Specific attention is given to the areas of Information Technologies and Networking Marketing. The combined experience of the founder and the core team in those fields exceeds 50 years.

ADR Studio follows every process within the project without lost any detail or client desire, recognising the importance of listen, perform deeply background study, work with empathy always by assuring dynamic interaction. more information please visit


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