Network Marketing Industry Veteran Ken Acree Joins QuiAri

QuiAri’s rapid growth throughout the world has not gone unnoticed, especially by long-time industry veterans, Ken Acree from the United States.

Ken had achieved success early on in the MLM industry, but eventually felt “burned out and frustrated” after spending years with companies that always seemed to let him down.

“As a kid, I remember how my neighbor’s brother went from being a high school basketball coach to a multi-millionaire Network Marketing mogul. It inspired me to give it a try. I’ve had a lot of success over the years, but left the industry to get my Master’s degree and open my own insurance company.


I have decided to return only because of QuiAri’s breakthrough products, revolutionary compensation plan with Same Day Pay, the World’s First Real-time Free Tour Marketing System, and Executive Team with over 150 years of MLM experience. I’m excited and motivated for the first time in a long time,”

stated Ken Acree.

 Ken was eager to try QuiAri products. He had gained a few pounds over the last several years and heard great things about the taste of the products:

“I read the testimonials, and everyone said the chocolate shake tastes like rich chocolate malt and the vanilla – just like birthday cake. I just had to see for myself if it was true…and it is 100%. I lost over 11 pounds within 2 months with the help of QuiAri.


The Energy helped power me through my day with no jitters. A lot of these products talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. That’s what makes QuiAri one-of-a-kind and appealing to people all over the world,”

Now that Ken’s health is improving, he has another goal that he’s laser-focused on – his children and grandchildren. He lives over 12 hours away from his family, but he refuses to let the distance create a barrier in their relationship. He travels frequently back and forth to see them, which has been costly.

“Same Day Pay has already been helping me see my grandchildren more frequently. It’s covering most of my expenses, and that’s really motivating me to keep growing my business. I also have more time freedom, thanks to QuiAri, to go and visit whenever I feel like it.


I’m able to work from home – or really anywhere – without missing a step. This has been a life-changing opportunity for me. As soon as I reach the top rank of Purple Diamond, my first big purchase will be a second home,”

Same Day Pay wasn’t the only reason Ken decided to join QuiAri. He loves the company and the compensation plan that he believes is the best in the industry.

“My Master’s degree is in Applied Mathematics. I’ve analyzed hundreds of compensation plans and none of them reward their Promoters this well after each sale on both the front and back end. I’m also impressed with the way QuiAri Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, is leading the company. You can tell that he’s spent time in the trenches as a Promoter.


That’s an important part of becoming #1 in this industry. He listens just as well as he leads, meaning he’s aware of our needs in the field, and will do whatever it takes to help. That results in happier Promoters and a global team that feels connected to the brand.”

Bob Reina has assembled a team of experts with over 150 years of combined MLM experience to run QuiAri. He believes a big part of QuiAri’s success is only hiring the best of the best

“I had aggressive plans to expand globally from the very beginning. The only way to make that possible was to surround myself with people that are familiar with the process of building a global brand.


I even hired Emmy-award-winning videographers to shoot our business opportunity video, which is part of our new industry-first Real-time Free Tour Marketing System. We offer only the best of the best and are committed to everyone’s success,”

said QuiAri Founder and CEO, Bob Reina.

 The Free Tour Marketing System launched September 1st, 2021, which provides Promoters with a more effective way to reach out to Prospects and introduce them to QuiAri products and the opportunity. The recent increase in worldwide momentum proves that the Free Tour is working.

“The Free Tour is a game-changer – and just one more benefit of being a QuiAri Promoter. This is a turning point for QuiAri history, and the entire industry, actually.


Once you have this innovative technology available 24/7, 365 days a year for free, there’s no going back. Although I haven’t been with QuiAri for long, I know this is it. I found the last opportunity I’ll ever work – and I couldn’t be more excited,”

said Ken Acree.

About QuiAri

QuiAri is the #1 health and weight loss movement in the world today. Featuring exclusive, breakthrough products (QuiAri Shake and QuiAri Energy) featuring the world’s new #1 superfruit, the Maqui berry, people everywhere are losing weight, boosting their energy levels, and improving their health. What started as an idea has now become a worldwide phenomenon, gaining a passionate following in over 200 countries.

But that’s not all! We boast an exciting opportunity to promote QuiAri products and earn commissions within 5 minutes after each sale through industry-first, state-of-the-art payment technology. Combining unrivaled products with the fastest payout, the fastest cycling binary, and one of the highest paying compensation plans in the industry, there’s no doubt QuiAri is helping people live healthier, happier lives. To learn more, please visit

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