Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi From France Joins QuiAri

QuiAri Super Star Promoter Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi, who lives in the South of France, considers herself somebody with big dreams.

As soon as she moved to France, she accomplished her first dream – to open a restaurant that serves traditional Asian food.  

“I really enjoyed being a small business owner and being my own boss, but I wasn’t enjoying the level of success I desired.

Also, when everything shut down due to COVID with no end in sight, it was pretty scary.

My sister lives in Canada and introduced me to QuiAri and it changed my life in more ways than I expected,”

stated QuiAri Super Star Promoter, Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi.

Nguyen’s sister sent samples to France so she could try the products. Right away she noticed that these weren’t like anything she had ever taken before.

“The Shake was delicious – no grit, no chalky aftertaste. I was really impressed. The Energy tablet was smooth. I didn’t get the jitters or crash.

I planned on buying some products to help support my sister’s QuiAri business, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with them or become a successful full-time Promoter in the process,”

said Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi.

After taking the products consistently, Nguyen felt younger, more beautiful, and regained her slim figure after only a few months. Her sister helped her join as a Promoter so she could earn extra income promoting QuiAri to her Customers in the restaurant. 

“At first, I was promoting QuiAri to help pay some bills at my restaurant. They made it really easy to share the products and opportunity.

Plus, I was getting paid within 5 minutes after each sale. I started climbing the ranks quickly. I’m a Super Star Promoter – one of QuiAri’s highest ranks with no previous experience MLM experience. I had to find out how far I could take my business.

Now I’m full-time and on the path to Purple Diamond, QuiAri’s highest rank,”

said Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi.

QuiAri’s Compensation Plan is the fastest paying in the industry (5 minutes or less worldwide) and one of the highest paying. Nguyen has 7 different ways to earn, including Speed Bonuses which reward Promoters with up to $2000 USD for growing their businesses quickly. 

“Every resource I need to introduce people to QuiAri is provided for me free of charge. I have access to presentations, videos, training guides, and even the World’s First Real-Time Free Marketing Tour to entice Prospects.

Plus, QuiAri’s top leaders are always eager to help whenever needed. I didn’t have any prior MLM or health and wellness experience before joining QuiAri, but I never felt like I needed it. I worked hard, shared the products, and achieved Super Star,”

said Nguyen Thi Hai.

The secret ingredient that has contributed to QuiAri’s success is Maqui, the world’s new #1 superfruit. Found deep in the Patagonia region of Chile, the antioxidant power of the intensely purple berry is second to none. QuiAri was the first to introduce Maqui to the international marketplace, and their super concentrated, proprietary extract, MaquiX® which boosts the antioxidant power up to 10 times. You can find Maqui in all QuiAri products.

“QuiAri Founder and CEO, Bob Reina collaborated with the #1 Maqui Scientist in the world, Dr. Juan Hancke to develop MaquiX®.

The nutritional benefits of QuiAri products are off the charts. The World Health Organization gave Dr. Hancke a $5 million dollar grant to study the benefits of Maqui. Much of his research led to the development of QuiAri Shake and Energy.

I’m very proud to be part of such a progressive company. We’re two steps ahead of everyone in the health and wellness industry,”

said Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi.

Nguyen expects the next 5 years will be very exciting. QuiAri’s momentum is building all around the world. She hopes to “ride the purple wave” and build her business all the way to QuiAri’s top rank – Purple Diamond. 

“QuiAri is the fastest way to achieve my dream lifestyle, and I plan to get there soon.

I’d love to buy a new house, new car, and spend more time volunteering at local charities.

I’d still make time to keep my QuiAri business going because being a Promoter is a lot of fun,”

said Nguyen Thi Hai Nhi.       

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