ByDzyne’s Alexander Ortiz from Colombia Achieves 1-Star President Ranking

Continuing its supremacy in the South American region, ByDzyne is tallying up yet another Colombian leader to its impressive ranks, with the arrival of new 1-Star President Alexander Ortiz. 

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

Alexander Ortiz, a 45-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Manizales, the mountainous coffee-growing region of western Colombia, has a degree in International Business and Systems and has worked for over two decades at banks and in the financial sector.

While he dipped his hands in network marketing previously, it was not until four years ago when a mentor of his, ByDzyne’s newest Crown Marcell Rodríguez, that his motivation to get involved in the industry was clear and set. 

“I chose ByDzyne for so many reasons. It is a business model that includes six different forms of income and is a company that allows anyone regardless of their preferences—whether in education, travel or wellness—to find inclusion.

The company also has a solid foundation where we can build, grow, and leave a legacy, and where efforts and dedication are recognized. In addition, I really feel that I am in the right company because it has a compensation plan that shows success and market dominance, and most importantly, it is a company where it is not possible to grow without making others grow.

Not only does it lead to cooperative work, but it is also led by the best and most successful mentors,”

shared a delighted Ortiz.

The Colombian leader acknowledged those mentors, Marcell, 2-Star Crown Gustavo Salinas, and ByDzyne’s executive team, as well as his team’s synergy and commitment as instrumental in his rise to stardom. 

“This extraordinary result required extraordinary strength and a highly committed team, and I can say that I have the very best of teams.

It is one with willing and determined people, a group without fear of being wrong, and who always gave their best. This achievement is not only mine but theirs as well.

I also had the correct leadership from Gustavo and Marcell, who both helped me every day find and adopt the right strategy. So grateful for them.

And finally, thank you to ByDzyne’s executive team that opened a door that leads to the dreams of those who dare to open it,”

expressed a grateful Alexander Ortiz.   

Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders, are delighted for Colombia and its newest superstar. 

“Congratulations to Alexander Ortiz as our newest 1-Star President! You have put in the hard work, the discipline, and the right attitude to get here, and we are very proud of you and your team for accomplishing this goal.

BD Nation celebrates this victory with you, and we can see even more triumphs in Colombia and Latin America in the near future,”

declared the Chongs. 

Ortiz, intrinsically motivated to bring social and economic transformation to thousands of families, has already dreamt of his next steps. While accomplishing the 2-Star President ranking is at the back of his mind, as well as bringing his team to the company’s international convention in Ecuador next month, the leader is primed on impacting the masses.  

“My main objective is for this network to grow, for more people to learn how to do business, and to lead many people to financial freedom.

I hope others can immerse themselves in ByDzyne and they can capitalize on any of our trends, create their own business, and generate income that allows them to change their lifestyle for themselves and their families,”

said a motivated Ortiz. 

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