Former US Marine Alex Lugo Joins iGenius

Alex Lugo didn’t have the most ideal childhood, but he always made the best out of it. His father left when he was only 11 years old, forcing Alex to bag groceries to help make ends meet.

There were times he even lived without water and electricity. After joining the United States Marine Corps, and getting involved in the financial markets, Alex finally reached one of his lifelong dreams.

Alex Lugo is a thirty-year-old, born in Bronx, New York and raised in San German, Puerto Rico. When Alex was three years old his family moved to Puerto Rico. When his father left, he, his brother, and mother had no source of income.

Alex wanted to help in any way he could, so he started bagging groceries, only making three to five dollars a day. Alex went months without electricity and water in their apartment, but it never stopped him from being grateful. Alex said,

“My mother was and will forever be a super mom to me. I saw her go days without eating so me and my brother could share a sandwich together. I’ve always had it in my mind that I have to make it for my mom.”

When Alex was sixteen, his mom had to make one of the hardest decisions of her life; to let Alex go live with his father in New York. She knew Alex would have the best chance at life living where there were more opportunities. Alex’s father and stepmom welcomed him with open arms, loved him unconditionally, and always pushed him to be the best version of himself.

When Alex was eighteen he decided to join the United States Marine Corps where he hit six ranks in just five and a half years, along with five deployments overseas. While serving his country, Alex met his wife who was also a Marine, and they now have two children. After eleven years of service, Alex decided to leave the Marines in order to have more time with his family.

Shortly after, Alex found an educational platform that taught him how to invest in forex and crypto that changed his life completely. Unlike his first experience right out of high school with trading, he now had the tools and resources to fully understand the markets and dive in head first. He said,

“I started studying every night after work and putting my knowledge into action. After 3 months, I became a full-time trader. After 7 months, I was able to retire my mother and wife from working.

After missing multiple birthdays and anniversaries due to deployments, I was finally in a position that allowed me to be there for my wife and two children.

I grinded my way to where I am today so that we would no longer have to make those sacrifices.”

Alex is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. He put in the time and effort needed for success. Now, Alex enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He has a goal to share his knowledge and help people succeed in trading and building a business. Alex has created a team of over 1200 people, called “OBGGlobal”. 

Just two months ago, Alex was introduced to iGenius. After vetting the company, he was intrigued about the iGenius leadership, partnerships, credibility, sense of genuine comradery, and opportunities the company could offer for both him and his team. Alex said,

“iGenius offers more opportunities to be successful not only for myself but for every person that I bring into the company.

Most network marketing companies only provide a couple opportunities to become wealthy, but at iGenius their main vision has always been to bring nonstop value to all their customers, and by that, they provide over a dozen opportunities to learn, invest in, and make money in the financial markets.

“iGenius provides you with the best possible scenario to become successful in your life due to the unlimited amount of opportunities they provide and their intuitive ability to continue bringing forward opportunities to its customers.”

With his tenacity to show up every day regardless of his circumstances, Alex believes that a year from now he will achieve the rank of Crown or higher with iGenius, and will help over ten thousand people in the world of trading and investing. 

Alex says that truly diving in, knowing, using, and utilizing the products is what helps him see the most success with trading, investing, and building a profitable business.

Alex focuses on making it all about the people. His team’s success is what drives him every day, and it fuels his fire knowing that he can make a difference in their lives. Alex lives by the motto,

“You might not have come from a wealthy family, but you are one yes away from having a wealthy family come from you.”

Alex is continuing to share the iGenius opportunity with others in hopes that it can have a major impact on lives all around the world. 

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